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Architecture of the night or nocturnal architecture, also referred to as illuminated architecture and, particularly in India, light architecture, is architecture designed to maximize the effect of night lighting, which may include lights from within the building, lights on the facade or outlining elements of it, illuminated advertising, and floodlighting.

With the rise of artificial lighting in the 19th and 20th centuries, architects were increasingly aware of it as an element to be integrated into design; deliberate use of it has been popular at various times, notably in the design of skyscrapers and other commercial buildings.

Over the past 100 years electric light has completely transformed the public realm. Modern architecture, with its large expanses of glass, redefined a building's interaction with its surroundings. Windows, which let natural light inside by day, at night, allowed these same internally electrically illuminated spaces to cast light back out into the urban realm.

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