Traditional Elevation
 Living Structure

Before there is architecture there is mere building: posts, beams, roofs--no symbolic content whatsoever. The moment you need a monument, however, a merely functional building will not do. So you take those basic structural elements, the post, the beam, and the roof, and you transform them into something beyond the functional. First and foremost you make the building come alive--literally. Flip through an architectural history textbook, and everywhere you will see living things: flowers, leaves, tendrils, claws, paws, scales, eggs, heads, and even full figures, animating the structure of the most important monuments.

Moldings and Visual Statics

There are often times when not every element can be fully elaborated. Contrast among the parts is lost and the whole looks an even gray, particularly when the elements are sculpted rather than painted. Contrast improves legibility. In addition, there are humbler areas of a building which do not merit full elaboration (e.g., the service entrance). So detail is omitted. The result is the bare molding.

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