Our Approach

Our Mission

"To leave behind such a legacy for the people of India that will last for centuries and will play a major role in country’s growth and leadership. Our objectives are to provide an environment of fairness, honesty and courtesy towards our clients, employees, vendors and society at large".

Our Values

As a company and as individuals, we value:

Integrity and honesty.
Passion for customers, partners and technology.
Openness and respectfulness.
Taking on big challenges and seeing them through.
Constructive self-criticism, self-improvement and personal excellence.
Accountability to customers, shareholders, partners and employees for commitments, results and quality

Our Principles

DesignLAB International is committed to adhere to its three principles. With these principles, which are incorporated into the design of our software, we have coordinated and streamlined all our business processes worldwide.
Simplify : Speed information delivery with integrated systems and a single database.
Standardize : Reduce cost and maintenance cycles with open, easily available components.
Automate : Improve operational efficiency with technology and best practices.

We believe that our customers get more from their information by using DesignLAB International's software and services and applying these principles. Many have already improved their ability to use information and IT as strategic assets and are now able to share data and processes, measure results for continuous improvement, align stakeholders, and communicate a single truth to all their constituents.

Our Skills

Usually, most software development companies publish an extended list of tools and technologies that include nearly all known programming languages.

We at DesignLAB International do not intend to use all the available technologies. We claim that we specialize in Internet-related technologies.

The question of technology is usually a concern of a service provider, and we always choose latest tools and technologies suitable to project size and budget. However, we are always attentive to all your requirements and wishes, including technological preferences. For bigger and medium projects, we prefer CAD technologies.

Why DesignLAB International

Customer Oriented Company
We always fully understand your needs and fulfill them in the best way possible.

Reliable and Qualified Team
Our team consists of 25+ people that have 3+ years of experience in real cad development projects.

Reasonable Cost
Being an Indian company, we are able to offer services for very reasonable pricing, several times lower than that of the US, EU and other Indian companies.

No Hampered Communications
Easy communication that is what our customers and partners appreciate. Response time is at a minimum. You will like the speed and quality of our work. In addition, we try to "predict" your desires and satisfy them.

We know the technology and how to develop software. We use the best practices of worldwide software development technology. The quality is predictable and extremely reliable.

DesignLAB International

We have started DesignLAB International service specifically considering the Architectural Professionals intended for purging all the shortfalls analyzed by our expert team.

Through DesignLAB International we work on four areas of your benefits, with a pure motto of providing the best and latest designs for our and your clients.



Our projects are reputable in Interior and Exterior Designs, Planning, Elevations, Walkthrough Making, 3D Rendering, Structure Designing and Brochure Designing works across the globe.

Our Architectural Consultancy has major dominance in markets of India, Kuwait and Dubai.

You are also invited to be a part of our International level architectural consultancy Design LAB International.

Contact us

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