ABS Group of Companies constitutes of four sub companies each a master in its pertinent field.

AbsIT objects to support the businesses in growing, managing and expanding. Software Industry is one among the most flourishing Industries in today’s time, with each passing year there are more and more varied types of software’s in the market. Most of the devices, gadgets, equipments and machinery operations are controlled by the help of software programs. We need software to tell how to operate-everything from in-car global positioning systems (GPS), to cell phones that allow users to play video games, to personal digital assistants (PDAs) that can facilitate global communication, to “smart” household appliances. Software’s influence our day to day lives to a great extent but a software in itself is of no use until it provide support to other industries to simplify and optimize their functionings.
Abs Publication objects to share experiences of architectural professional’s and knowledge among architectural community and to provide a platform to professionals for demonstrating their achievements. A creative person doesn’t just create new ideas out of thin air. He picks already existing ideas and cross pollinates them to create something entirely new. By exposing yourself to different ideas in the pages of books, you create a breeding ground in your mind for new ideas to grow. Readers improve their awareness in the field of interest and more importantly are able to apply newly referred concepts and features to their projects and communication quickly. If you are a regular reader, your analytical skills receive a boost and you up-bring advance concepts to your industry.
ABS Arch objects to deliver state of the art architectural libraries and creative solutions through intelligent software’s. Creativity breeds from imagination, an imaginative person can experience the whole world inside the mind. It is the ability of the creative mind to craft building designs that do not exist, to bridge the gap between images and ideas creative persons always look at things around them, searching for intrinsic and distinctive features.
On the road to launch a new service it was deeply required to unearth the market requisite, to get an explanation for this our research team surveyed the architectural market and jotted requirements of Architectural Professionals. Analysis of the market illustrated mismatch between quality of 3D Rendering or 3D Visualization done by freelancers and precision and articulacy required by the Architectural Industry. Existing Architectural visualization rendered was not harmonizing to the vision of professionals and they were in a constant search for better solutions for quality work.

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DesignLAB International serve a rich and diverse base of clients across India. We do measure our success in success of our clients. We do try our level best by offering personalized services with objective of meeting their requirements in most effective and efficient manner and we are committed to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

we are serving a client base of 3500+ Architects, Interior designers, builders and counting !

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