3 d house building design exterior india

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3 d house building design exterior india

3 d house building design exterior india

stunning modern home that is indian design ideas

  1. Colonial style façade
    Image of Indian House Design front view

    Image of Indian House Design front view

An outside that is elegant arches, high ceiling, strong pillars, slanting roof with roof tiles and curvy stairs causing the home and the home washed in yellow light; the façade design of this bungalow highlight the Colonial style.

Indian House Design front view

Indian House Design front view

  1. Open brick façade

The outside of the real house has taken inspiration from the design of Louis Kahn. The open stone that is red appeals for the calm and elegant charm and can never go out of style. Carved railing made of wrought iron covers the terrace, balcony and even the security of the gate thus giving it a look that is uniform.

  1. Mushroom tone façade

Strong and sturdy cement plaster in mushroom tone is matched with the delicate plain glass windows and doors, manicured lush green lawn, rock walkway and white garden furniture to give the exterior a appearance that is modern.

  1. Hanging home façade

An design that is innovative this house stands apart for the elegance and smartness. Standing high through the ground, it merges with the nature surrounding it. Created from glass, stone and timber, it’s a tribute to the nature.

  1. Innovative façade
    Image of Building Elevation Plans

    Image of Building Elevation Plans

State-of-the-art design of this home that is modern the attention because of its circular exterior blending with strong and straight elevation in the middle compliments the bold and beautiful design of the home.

  1. Small town façade
    Building Elevation Plans

    Building Elevation Plans

With stone, concrete and plaster walls, wrought iron railing on the terrace, slanting roof covered with roof tiles, stone and grass walkway and industrial style lights guarding the gates; this is a typical façade quite common in small towns.

how to design, house front elevation

how to design, house front elevation

  1. Contrasting façade

To make the exterior of the property to be noticeable from the others, dark brick that is red slanting grill design of this screen are utilized as being a pop up idea in order to make this easy stone, concrete and brick façade look attractive and engaging.

  1. façade that is vertically high

Making the nearly all of the area that is narrow the house rises vertically up through the ground, but maintains its unique identity all through its way up. The mixture of rock, lumber, glass and concrete merges to produce it a facade that is beautiful.

  1. Royal façade

The design with this façade provides the home a appearance that is royal is further elevated by manicured lawn, emblem regarding the sun etched on the rock platform and a statue of flying bird above.

  1. Layered façade

Built in amounts, this house or apartment with its modern design that is architectural clean design and focus on stone and toughened glass is drawing attention to its height produced in layers.

  1. Archetypal façade

As soon as a town that is typical style, the design has undergone a revival, especially in farm houses where people go for relaxation and to revisit the memories. Large veranda, slanting tiles roofs and greenery all over; the façade has blended with its surroundings.

  1. Minimalist façade

Clean cut of concrete is complimented by the sheen of large glass windows and nothing else. The philosophy of ‘Less is more’ is well adapted in to the design with this home to provide it a feel that is sophisticated.

  1. Disconnected façade

The exterior of this homely household is disconnected to get connected. The four protruding concrete arms regarding the house merge with the glass home at the centre, giving it a look that is unique feel. It’s a symphony created through architectural design.

  1. Haveli design façade

Jaali work on the balcony fencing, jharoka style windows, and stone covered exterior of the homely house, the façade of the house is elevating vertically up and replicates the style of havelis of the bygone era.

  1. One statement piece in the façade

The different tone of grey is serenity that is adding the tropical climate of the country. Nonetheless, the declaration is made by the structure that is high to face apart amidst the standard design of the home and make a statement. Leaf motifs cut-out is further boosting the good thing about the exterior.

  1. Industrial style façade

Open brick wall, mosaic of stones, dark grey slanting roof supported by concrete, colonial style two window rooms on the roof, the curves of ventilator and windows on upper floor plus the parapets of stone and tangible; this industrial style outside of the house is bold and renders a feeling of vigour.

  1. Green façade

Allow the nature cover the façade and be considered a right area of the city home! Tiny and shrubs that are large woods provide shelter to the home built of slate stone and concrete with metal gate and terrace railing for protection.

  1. Bold and façade that is stunning

Sustainable homes are the need of the time. The house made from stone, stone and wood is a action that is bold preserve ecological balance in a natural way and undoubtedly the result is amazingly beautiful. With its twist and turns it is the time that is modern.

  1. Contrasting façade

The designer grills of metal using one part of the exterior and long and glass that is wide dominating the other part bring the two contrasting building materials together and bind them like a marriage produced in paradise. The delicate appeal of cup is well complimented by the sturdiness of metal and light emancipating from both parts brings an feel that is enchanting the façade.

  1. Elegantly simple façade

Owned by its natural surroundings, this house exterior immediately grabs attention for the ease and design that is non-fussy connects it with nature. The elegance in its simplicity is serene.

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