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House-hunting is very interesting, but it could possibly get daunting and complicated because of the alternatives that are many nowadays and online. We’re helping narrow those alternatives down or simply supply a few ideas, specially when you are only starting the search. These days, we’ll curb your search to 200 to 300 square meter house designs, therefore we’re promising that they’re all wonderful .


First house: 167.5 meters which are square


The littlest inside our list, that is a less than 200 sqm residence design, however it is worth becoming dubbed as dainty and practical. It’s four bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and a straight back that is large perfect for household gatherings or just afternoon lounging. The outside combines wooden panels and concrete plus a stone wainscoting that is surrounding. Because the front side includes a smaller porch compared to the general back, adding a pond can please guests and pique the interest of the young ones.


2nd household: 180 yards which can be square


Go for a more monochromatic and design that is classic this simple bungalow in black-and-white with rock information on the bottom outside and measures. Its house windows tend to be nicely spaced determination this is certainly owing typically fashioned homes. It has additionally got a small back porch where the family members can choose to dine aside from in the dining table inside that is dining. The home, which is only short of having a 200 sqm flooring plan, includes three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a garage that accommodates two vehicles.


3rd residence: 219 meters which can be square


The style above changed one side by the addition of a second terrace together with the bottom one plus an extended roofing over the home that is straight back.

Textured exterior walls coated in zesty light orange and green with white and brown linings, this residence catches a vibe this is certainly colonial. It really is trendy in the good sense that it is a pleasant bed and morning meal spot because of the beautiful details like the stony bottom, curved entranceway, as well as the matching outdoor wall-mounted light fixtures by the entry we can imagine. The 200 sqm house, created by professional architects, includes two bedrooms, 3 restrooms, 2 dining places ( inside and outside), amongst others.


Fourth house: 227 meters which are square


Stony and shaded from skin to brown, this two-storey residence would be a favorite amongst older folks as it exudes a nostalgic and environment this is certainly classic. Regarding the inside, it shelters four rooms (three upstairs and something space on the floor flooring), three bathrooms, two dining areas, and two living that is big.


Fifth house: 256 yards which can be square


This 1 is really a two storey-home that has a white and palette that is brown stone details and two adorable attic-based terraces. The interior comprises four rooms (three on the ground floor and one upstairs), four restrooms, two spaces which are residing as well as a garage that houses two vehicles.


Sixth home: 261 yards which can be square


This red and white house is motivated by classic structure this is certainly us. Straight away, it’s going to transfer one to an expansive neighbor hood that is american homes decorated with round attic windows like the ones in this home. The inner includes three bed rooms located on the top floor, 3 bathrooms, along with a beautiful available terrace on to the floor that is second.

Seventh house: 263 meters which are square


A modified form of the house that is 4th previously, this one shelters five bed rooms (four upstairs and another on the ground flooring), three restrooms, through a slim yet elongated front porch along with a straight back porch where in fact the household can eat. This plan carries a storage that is individual accommodates two automobiles and contains got its own restroom!


Eighth household: 278 yards which can be square


Brick clad houses, particularly in red, express a powerful vibe but once they may be shaded within a mismatched red to brown, they truly are more homey and even like one straight from an countryside that is english. The home exudes a feel that is comfortable. A garage is roofed by the ground floor, one bedroom, two restrooms, an income space, as well as a living area. The floor this is certainly top composed of two bed rooms, two restrooms, plus a media space.


Ninth house: 280 meters that are square


Structured in a semi-circle, this residence that is one-storey modern-day sophistication along with its catchy layered roofing outlined with white. The home consists of three rooms, three restrooms, an workplace, plus a lifestyle and area this is certainly dining. It has also got a storage where two cars can park and a straight back that is cool or porch which is roofed with clear polycarbonate panels. We are gushing on the notion of dining in this sunshine porch this is certainly room-like!


Tenth home: 299 meters which can be square


It is an alternative design of the home this is certainly exact same.

Nearly 300 meters that are square this one completes our list. It’s made up of four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a garage, and residing this is certainly separate eating rooms. Such as the other countries in the people we have shown, this house’s exterior may be modified with regards to of shade and materials. The bricks is replaced with tangible to realize a finish that is smoother. Most likely, it really is exactly about comfort and comprehending that your property actually channels family’s identity.

2 even more models through the Philippines


If the lot or land dimensions are relatively tiny, it makes sense to go straight. This household that is two-storey a vintage illustration of an elegant, contemporary home-built on a little parcel. Yet, its design if available and fluid with elements, including a balcony that is cosy the upper floor and a small front side yard contributing to its attraction.


Right here, we see a similar contemporary design, except that the house features a floor that is 2nd. Once more, balconies for each floor add to the feeling of openness. More over, the absence of a boundary wall provides effect of your home expanding to blend with all the greenery that is surrounding.


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