3D Floor Plan

3D Floor Plan


Recent advancement in visual technology have improved the power of the standard real estate campaign. Buyers can now experience and have real life like view of a property ‘virtually’ like never before.  The benefits of 3D interactive rendering is that it creates emotional bond between the buyer and a property. The latest 3D technology gives potential buyers the ability to walk through a property time and time again.

DesignLAB International is Indore based studio that creates Interactive Renderings, 3D Animation & Images Renderings and Interactive experiences for the real estate development and design industry.

The most important feature found on a floor plan is the dimension.  Engineers will always use a floor plan’s dimensions to design their elements and builders will always use dimensions to guide their construction.

After receiving a drawing from an architect, one of the very first things the team will do is remove all of the dimensions.  Floor plans tend to also contain a great deal of notes, and while some of these notes may provide important reference information that would be useful further along the 3D creation process, much of what is found can be removed along with the dimensions.  The idea is to remove everything from all drawings that is simply not going to prove useful in CAD.

The 3D artist then try to communicate what the property will feel like through the 3D floor plan.  The idea is that viewers can now digitally ‘walk’ through each room, experiencing the flow of a home as you would if you were actually there.  While 3D Floor Plan cannot replace the experience of seeing a property in person, it does give viewers the opportunity to revisit the home at their leisure.

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