6 Small Space Simple Living Room Design

living room
small space simple living room design

small space simple living room design

Small Living Area Tips for optimum Space and magnificence

Do not let your lifestyle this is certainly tiny area your thing. In spite of how little your space, it may nevertheless look fashionable whether you own or lease. Find the ​best small-space décor tricks for personalizing the absolute most spot that is lived-in your property.

  • Target one color scheme

“The major thing to keep in mind when making a small area is to ensure all tones adhere to equivalent shade palette—thus producing flow for the area,” claims ,previous inside designer and companion at Mellowpine. “Make sure to shift your focus around monochromatic and colors being tonal will accentuate the scheme further.”

That doesn’t imply that it can’t be colorful, but that does mean adhering to a palette that is tonal whether that be cool shades like blues and greens or hotter shades like terracotta, beige, and rusts.

  • Layer your lighting

“Layering the heights of the illumination is key—so make sure you possess light that is pendant by having a dimmable control, plenty of lamplight and wall surface lights,” says. “Choose colors that may both direct light for tasks like reading, and create pools of light for the environment. Having wall lights that direct smooth shafts of light and down will also make the space look taller.”

  • Open wall space (when possible)

You could add on a clean, sharp, and feel that is contemporary your tiny family area by opening up some walls. “A brilliant and feeling that is fresh created when you open the space, allowing sun light to enter,” explains Kate Diaz, inside Designer and Co-founder of Swanky Den. “You can put in flooring to ceiling house windows or doors, or side panels. You are able to color your wall space in light colors with white trim, which will make it seem large.”

  • Create an wall surface that is accent

According to Diaz, it really is more straightforward to utilize one wall this is certainly accent program character in place of numerous patterns on one wall surface. One color that is well-chosen shines well will frame the focus of your family room nicely.

  • Start thinking about mirrors

In accordance with Diaz, including a mirror leading into your family area helps provide the space a more light and entrance this is certainly airy. You may try mirrors that are incorporating opposing walls to generate the impression of the bigger space.

  • Install concept that is open mounted shelves

Open concept shelving might maybe not appear to be the most effective idea if you’re hoping to create a more light flooded liveable space if you’re trying to reduce clutter—but this particular airy shelving unit is going to do much better than shut off or boxy shelving.

  • Go for basic walls

You could do without them—you’ll like to paint the wall space one natural tone, says Diaz whether you adore bold colors or. You can add pops of shade in choose furniture pieces should you choose wish to add some personality by way of bold colorways

Sofa set designs for small living room

Sofa set designs for small living room

Sofa set designs for small living room

  • Mix wall surface and floor colorways

Light colors are superb for the walls—but you can opt for a darker floor color if you’re hoping to maintain a feeling of warmth. “Using light colors on the walls with dark flooring will create a look that is clean” explains Diaz.

Be strategic with your artwork

Image of Small living room ideas 2023

Image of Small living room ideas 2023

The wall that is right can add on artistic interest to your room while removing from the fact that it’s smaller compared to average. Diaz recommends artwork that is holding above your couch in the place of all over the space.

  • Opt for multi-purpose furnishings

Multi-purpose furnishings is really a way that is excellent save room while nonetheless guaranteeing your family area is really as comfortable and useful that you can. In accordance with Diaz, this may look like placing bookshelves near house windows to allow them to double as window seats or deciding on plush coffee dining table furnishings which can be used as also sitting.

  • Use a number of heights and depths

Make an effort to utilize furniture with varying depth and height, such as for instance couches or recliners to help the space to feel more available than it is. Just because something seems little doesn’t mean there wasn’t any wiggle area left where imagination will come into play.

  • Give consideration to artwork that is little

“You’ll want to keep any photographs or wall art tiny and just hang all of them if they’re important,” says. This may allow your wall space to truly inhale making them look even more expansive than they are.

  • Include vases to your space

You don’t need certainly to forego accessories so as to make your space feel decluttered and neat. “Adding vases to your room could offer artistic interest without looking messy,” says. “I recommend employing a cup or porcelain vase for the tall, clean look.”

  • Think about wall surface sconces

Wall sconces are a way that is great incorporate mood lighting without taking on floor space. He recommends grouping sconces together for a strong wall surface declaration or positioning them over house windows for the impact this is certainly gallery-like.

Image of Small living room ideas on a budget

Image of Small living room ideas on a budget

Image of Small living room ideas on a budget

  • Make the most of alcoves

It feel cozy,” “If you’ve got the space, put your couch in an alcove to produce. You are able to hang racks or produce a smaller sitting nook in order to take advantage of the room if you have a smaller alcove.

  • Decide on simple rugs and carpets

Basic colorways is likely to make an area that is tiny larger—but that is specifically real for the rugs or rugs. You’ll want to opt for light-colored fabrics, which could make a available room look light and spacious, regardless of size.


Decluttering your living room is a method in which is great drive out extra space—but you don’t really need to get rid of anything you don’t wish. In fact, Diaz shows decluttering by placing things in numerous places all over available area to help keep the space interesting.

Image of Elegant small living room ideas

Image of Elegant small living room ideas

Image of Elegant small living room ideas

  • Prevent flooring cabinets

“As much as feasible, you’ll like to focus on hanging cupboards or air this is certainly available dining table storage,” says, creator of TheHouseWire. “The living area can still be used for another thing, so choosing hanging cabinets or coffee table storage space that isn’t too cumbersome is crucial.”

  • Paint the specific area with light colors

Aaron suggests pairing light colors—like whites to your neighborhood and beiges. “White and beige are perfect choices,” she says. “They can soak up the sunshine, helping to make the area well-lit and look big.”

  • Utilize minimalism

The less furnishings, the greater. “Choose multifunction furnishings so you wouldn’t need to feature tons of furniture in the area,” claims He. “Be creative and attempt to mix and match.”

decorating small spaces on a budget
decorating small spaces on a budget

decorating small spaces on a budget

  • Work your perspectives which are weird

An odd sized living area may appear like a challenge to enhance and furnish—but it’s actually a good possibility to use the focus off the dimensions this is certainly little. Choose a gallery that is salon-style or jewel box-inspired decoration to help make your irregular area shine.

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