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Apartment Design
architecture apartment design concept

architecture apartment design concept

21 Modern Apartment Design Ideas

Modern Apartment Design requires thoughtful planning, for a cohesive and design that is unique. There are many choices that are individual consider however they should all be considered together. The absolute most thing that is important designing your apartment is to remember it’s your apartment you can do whatever you want.

architectural concepts for apartments

architectural concepts for apartments

White Interiors

An all white apartment features a real minimalist feel that is modern. White is easy and clean. You don’t have to only limit yourself to white, for an apartment that feels white, you can utilize off white or greys that are light. All white is not for all just like all the points in this post it comes down to taste that is personal.

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Texture and materials that are even industrial quite contemporary. I have always been a fan that is big of and other industrial elements in architecture. You can make use of a variety of unique finishes and materials to create a unique and look that is modern your home.

The image below is of the finish that is concrete in a apartment we renovated. there are orange stained doors, a wall surface mounted wood cabinet, and a pipe steel table that is black. The apartment is filled up with texture and industrial materials, giving it an feel that is incredibly modern.

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Open Plan

Open plan means having open areas with the amount that is fewest of walls possible. You want to open your liveable space up and configure the walls and rooms in your apartment allowing for large open spaces whenever you can.

Modern Open Kitchen

At this point open kitchen areas are pretty much standard for the apartment design that is contemporary. The kitchen is the solitary most expensive space in an apartment and people are often very happy to invest the cash on higher end appliances, cabinets, and countertops to make a good looking kitchen that will be section of the apartment design that is overall.

Kitchen Island Seating

Then you will likely want a kitchen area if you have an open home. You’ll likely want stools during the island for seating if you’ve got a kitchen area.

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Accent Wall

Adding an wall surface that is accent be considered a fun choice for a modern apartment, but it is not for everybody.

The picture below is of a real home workplace in a Chelsea Loft we renovated. The loft has all white walls except for the accent that is red in your home office. The red pops out through the metal that is black glass doors.

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Wall Niches

In the hallway below you will find a number of recessed wall niches that the customer uses to place plants and even a workbench that is recessed. These niches create a respite from this all hallway that is white give a room to put more lively elements.

White On White Kitchen

A very simple idea that is clean a modern apartment design is just a white on white kitchen. All kitchens that are white not for everyone. Some individuals love an all white kitchen with white cabinets, white countertop, and backsplash that is white. Just do not put white appliances unless it is with matching panel ready doors or end that is high. In my opinion white appliances tend to look cheap and tacky unless they have been some of the greater appliance that is luxurious that have better design.

Dark or Black Materials

Dark finishes and materials that are black be quite modern. Not everybody like white and bright.

This photo shows a shiny black subway tile backsplash in a timber home that is dark.

Rock Slabs

Using stone slabs is really a more modern and look that is sleek using tiles. Slabs means large pieces from the slab garden as in opposition to tiles that are small. slabs have to be always a thicker product than a tile that is typical. Of course purchasing and slabs which can be installing more expensive than tile.

The fireplace below has a marble that is white that is one piece. This clearly appears newer that if it were several tiles that are square.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles come in-may colors and textures. they are manufactured to replicate materials that are natural appear in solid colors.

This photo is of a appearance that is weathered porcelain bathroom. Another post is had by us on Grey Bathroom Designs if you are interested.

Translucent doors that are sliding

Light is really a element that is critical architecture. In a modern apartment you wish to think about the lighting design and the light that is normal. In this loft apartment below we used sliding doorways that are translucent the mezzanine level associated with loft. The translucent doors allow light to pass through and provide privacy when closed but can be available as required for more light, air, or simply openness.

Contemporary Cabinets

This kitchen area has easy contemporary cabinets and panel appliances being prepared. The walls around your kitchen are painted to match so that it all combinations in as one wall that is cohesive.

Place It On Display

modern apartment building design

modern apartment building design

Then place them on display if you have actually nice items and you help keep you things neat and arranged.

apartment case study architecture

apartment case study architecture

In the image below you can see a modern closet by having an footwear cubby that is open. She’s kept by the owner shoes and handbags really neat, therefor why have doors to cover them up. Leave them available and on display in reality this closet doesn’t even have a home.

Contemporary Fixtures

This will be a Kohler Karbon wall mounted faucet. Fun fact here is the most kitchen that is expensive Kohler makes. It’s an articulating faucet meaning it has hinges and you can adjust it and around go it. I do believe it is certainly one regarding the coolest faucets seeking it is a bit too industrial for a few people. This all comes down to taste that is personal. Always design your home to allow you to be happy, its your property.

Coordinate Your Fixtures

This may seam obvious but you need to consider the look as one design that is cohesive. You’ll want to coordinate all your fixtures and accessories in order that they get together and match. The apartment that is entire to exert effort together. As my professor and architect Fabian Llonch said like soup, therefore I make a seafood soup“ I like fish, I. But I also like bananas. You can’t place bananas in a fish soup”.

Modern Freestanding Tub

Then this might be outstanding addition to a restroom in a modern apartment when you yourself have the room for a freestanding tub in your bathroom. Freestanding tubs have a luxurious feel and should be a good selection for any end apartment that is high.

Tall Contemporary Interior Doors

Tall doors of 8′-0″ or more in height provide a modern feel and are generally speaking more impressive than the usual typical 6′-8″ or home that is 7′-0. If you have got the ceiling height make the hinged doors tall. 8′-0″ or doorways that are 9′-0 great. You’ll even get taller than that if you would like.

Modern Hardware

Hardware can be an part that is important of. The hardware really affect the look, feel, and function of the area.

Smart Home Devices

Smart Thermostats

There are lots of smart home items you can consider and we shall not review them all. But the most popular home that is smart that my consumers want may be the nest learning thermostat.

I have another post discussing energy that is potential with a learning thermostat.

Wall Mounted Smart Toilet

Wall mounted toilets are a idea that is modern consider for the restroom. There are additionally smart toilets with remote settings and features which are multiple. The toilets can have built in bidets and a wide range of options.

the picture below is of a wall mounted smart lavatory in a bathroom that is concrete. The controls for the toilet are sitting in the window sill.

Make It You Own, Make It Your Property

You will need to make your apartment your own while making it your house. Regardless if it means placing a four foot chipmunk that is plastic the living space. That’s me personally within the photo below this is in a condo we renovated in Chelsea.

Modern Apartment Designs

concept for apartment,

concept for apartment,

small apartment building design ideas

small apartment building design ideas

Being an designer, I study design and construction, but these are complicated and issues that are quite involved. Every project is different and needs to be examined by itself characteristics which are unique. This post does not assume to cover every issue that is possible condition, but provide a general overview associated with topic.

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