Beautiful Ceiling Design For Bedroom Ideas

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bedroom ceiling design 2023

bedroom ceiling design 2023

  1. Paint The Ceiling the color that is same The Walls

The simplest one of my ways to decorate the ceiling is paint it the color that is same the walls.

It does not require any decision that is extra, its yes to choose your decor as well as the extra bit of color on the roof could make the walls and ceiling flow.

You can decide to do a lighter tint on the roof similar to this working office from Kelly Wearstler.

Bedroom because of the ceiling and walls painted dark gray

Or go with the precise paint color that is exact same.

beautiful ceiling design for bedroom

beautiful ceiling design for bedroom

I do this in a complete large amount of my rooms since it gets the added benefit of creating your room seem bigger. There are not any visual clues that separate the walls from the ceiling so your eye sees all of it as one surface that is big.

Little den with the ceilings and walls painted black

It even is useful with dark colors in small rooms like my den where I painted the walls and ceilings the colour black that is same.

  1. Pull A Color From The Wallpaper

The way in which that is second decorate the ceiling is to find some motivation in that which you have.

bedroom false ceiling design

bedroom false ceiling design

If there’s a pattern in your room, like this wallpaper or an certain rug, try choosing one of the colors in the pattern for the ceiling.

It ties the room that is whole and definitely adds some pizzazz.  Even this available room done in brown looks amazing!

Bedroom aided by the ceiling painted pink to match the wallpaper

My mother did something similar in her bed room makeover, by pulling the color that is red the wallpaper up onto the ceiling.


  1. Paint A Contrasting Color

Painting the ceiling a dramatic color that goes along with your decor can be a very effective and dramatic way to decorate the wall surface that is fifth.

modern ceiling design for bedroom

modern ceiling design for bedroom

Along with associated with the ceiling gels with the cushions and light fixture to give the room a cohesive look in this picture. The gloss associated with the paint additionally reflects light so that the darker color will not make the ceiling seem lower.

Blue and living that is white with the ceiling painted gold

My mother did something comparable with the ceiling in her living room. She painted it gold to go with the blue, white and color that is silver in her room.

And it definitely makes a statement!

  1. Add A Ceiling Medallion

Next through to my means to enhance the ceiling is to put in a ceiling medallion.

Ceiling medallions are a great way to call focus on the ceiling, particularly that you want to highlight when you yourself have a wonderful light fixture.

I made a decision to paint the ceiling medallion gold to contrast aided by the purple ceiling once I did my last master bed room makeover. And I love how the chandelier is manufactured by it stand away.

Of course, you could paint it one or more color if you wish to make much more of a statement.

We love this ceiling medallion that’s painted gold and red!

simple bedroom ceiling design

simple bedroom ceiling design

Or like I did when I re-decorated my den if you’d like to stretch your budget, you make your very own lace medallion (get the tutorial HERE.


  1. Install Moldings Regarding The Ceiling

The next one of my ceiling design ideas takes the medallion look one action further by setting up moldings on the ceiling.

We love the way in which the moldings add some definition and interest to what would otherwise be a huge space that is empty.

Light hallway that is blue with white decorative moldings

Picture by Cherokee Construction – via

If you genuinely wish to get all down, these ceiling that is attractive surely produce a statement!

And they’re actually actually simple to put in with a few construction glue and nails.

Ceiling with craftsman style moldings painted in Brinjal (from Farrow and Ball)

Or you can add some craftsman-style moldings (find out how HERE) like my mother did, in the event that you really want to up the attention factor that is architectural.


  1. Paint Stripes

These next few ways to decorate the ceiling are for you personally if you’re looking for some unique roof design ideas!

Now we might actually be stepping outside of some people’s ceiling decoration comfort zone, but stripes that are painting the ceiling really helps to bring some drama to the space.

Kitchen with bright pink and stripes that are burgundy on the ceiling

If you like a lot of color, bright stripes work very well, too, like my mom did inside her kitchen.  They instantly make the room that is entire very cheerful.

Have the step-by-step guide for painting stripes regarding the ceiling HERE.


  1. Paint The Ceiling Gingham Or Plaid

Another certainly one of my unique ceiling design a few ideas is to create a ceiling that is geometric by painting gingham checks or plaid.

This is a little more time-consuming than stripes but you actually end up having a roof that is dramatic!

I painted gingham that is blue to get with the French Country vibe in the first form of my master bathroom makeover.

Living room with a gingham pattern painted on the roof

And my mom painted a ceiling that is plaid her living room. I guess it must run within the grouped household 🙂



  1. Paint A Starburst Pattern

The starburst pattern painted regarding the roof in this entryway happens to be a ceiling design idea that is unique!

When I happened to be preparing my house office makeover, my proven fact that is original was do a ceiling pattern something similar to this.

Regrettably, I went away from time into the one area Challenge and did get to this n’t part of the project.  But it makes this type of statement that it’s nevertheless on my to-do list!


  1. Install Some Ceiling Wallpaper

Some folks may be wondering…can you wallpaper that is install the ceiling?

Why yes…yes, you can!

Installing wallpaper on the ceiling is a bit that is little of challenge, but the results can be stunning! (Find our tutorial for setting up wallpaper on the ceiling HERE).

Within the available room above, painting the wall color up onto the ceiling then adding the wallpaper in the middle helps to make the ceiling feel taller than it is.

Bedroom ceiling with white wallpaper

Of program, you can always go with a more subdued wallpaper that is roof if you want an even more understated look, like my mother did in her bedroom.

simple ceiling design for small bedroom

simple ceiling design for small bedroom

  1. Glue On Faux-Tin Ceiling Tiles

Don’t feel like painting the ceiling? Our final ceiling design idea is to include tin that is faux tiles.

Tin look-a-like styrofoam tiles can be glued to many surfaces. Yes, even popcorn!

Better still? They truly are also install that is really easy most standard sized rooms only take a few hours to complete.


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