6 Exterior Design of Bungalow House

bunglow design
exterior design of bungalow house

exterior design of bungalow house

Bungalow Design Home Design

Gaining energy through the united states of america in the 1900s, Bungalow homes appeared as an settlement that is casual followed simplicity and practicality throughout its design.

Sharing similarities with the popular homes of Arts and Crafts Movement – ‘Craftsman Houses’, these domiciles appeared to have equally gained the eye of homeowners across the country due to their niche in a smaller sized and method that is candid the style.

An insight this is certainly interesting The expression Bungalow is really a derivative of the word Bengali that originated in Asia called following the particular architectural variety of homes into the Bengal region of Southern Asia. These homes tend to be comparatively smaller in size featuring larger verandahs or porches.

Because of the climate that is exotic of area, these homes function low-pitched roofs and breezy porches or verandahs that actively assist in cross ventilation while fighting heat and moisture regarding the location.

Meanwhile, Bungalow homes in america received determination that is enormous the old-fashioned planning idea to present a mode that really complements the easy and easy lifestyle associated with the property owners.

Today’s Bungalow houses own a design this is certainly striking cozy and practical! Their noteworthy functions encourage the years of residents and designers with some extremely construction that is intricate detailing.

Qualities of a Bungalow Home

Image of Modern bungalow exterior Design

Image of Modern bungalow exterior Design

You’ll find so many features that outshine the Bungalow this is certainly popular design. Their particular development being a a reaction to the formal Victorian duration and motivation from the authentic Craftsman-style homes certainly tends to make them get noticed by having an maximum powerful and strong inspiring character this is certainly architectural.

Among others, let’s discuss the elements that produce this Bungalow housesdistinct.

  • Bungalow Home Exteriors
  1. Low Pitched Gabled Roofs
  2. One or designs that are one-and-a-half-story
  3. Proportionate but not necessarily shaped
  4. Large front Porches with broad eaves being overhanging
  5. Subjected Beams
  6. Intricate Woodwork
  7. an impression this is certainly austere utilization of all-natural materials such wood and stone
  8. Shed Dormers
  9. Exposed Eave Brackets
  10. Tapered Porch Columns
  11. Stone or Wood Wainscoting
  • Bungalow Home Interiors
  1. Built-in Storage, Seats and Cabinets
  2. Stained or Glass that is leaded Windows
  3. Decorative Wood Trim and Moldings
  4. Handicrafts and craftsmanship that is good
  5. Exposed Beams and Woodwork
  6. Use of All-natural Materials
  7. Ceiling that is soaring Heights
  • Bungalow living area with original shelving room divider that is integrated.
  • Typical bungalow interior with unique timber work. See relevant craftsman design areas that are residing.
  • Updated bungalow style kitchen design. For associated ideas take a good look at our farmhouse kitchen area designs.
  • This renovated bungalow kitchen went with clean white cabinetry with gold hardware, white subway tile backsplash and timber shelving this is certainly available.

Bungalow Home Plans

Modern bungalow exterior Design

Modern bungalow exterior Design

  1. Open Up Arrange Residing
  2. Interconnected residing Kitchen – that is– Dining
  3. Smaller and lots that are small
  4. Practical and Flexible

Today we notice a stark similarity because of the Craftsman house design that we have discussed the faculties of the Bungalow house. Even though the names are employed interchangeably, you can find fundamental features that distinguish these really two designs which are prominent.

What is the Difference Between Bungalow and a Craftsman Style House?

‘Craftsman Houses’ are known as the Arts and Crafts Movement and is an architectural or interior style extremely influenced by the timeframe additionally the newest trend. Whereas ‘Bungalow’ is really a form this is certainly specific of residence or even a settlement.

A impact could be the element this is certainly foremost sets the two apart. Bungalow houses were smaller in size contrary to the bigger and lush homes which are victorian were being built parallel. These came into the limelight when Californians got bored of this lavish Victorian domiciles and yearned for a more abode that is easy.

In resistance, the Craftsman houses surfaced later with the single concept to create a simple and easy environment this is certainly comfortable. And even though Bungalow domiciles had been relatively less expensive than the Craftsman houses, there clearly was absolutely no way that the homeowners and designers would compromise regarding the functions which are architectural quality.

Because the real name shows, Craftsman Houses aimed for the more ornamented and intricately embellished aura in comparison to the Bungalow houses.

Image of Bungalow exterior paint2023

Image of Bungalow exterior paint2023

What’s the Difference Between Bungalow and a Cottage Style home?

A lot more popular within the North-East, the Cottage-style houses originated in The united kingdomt with their belief that is prominent in simple and natural. Smaller in proportions with all-natural products like rock or brick, cladding the façade of the house, these houses design like a perfect residence this is certainly historical.

These cottage homes have a dig into decorating their particular curbside while Bungalow homes provide large and open yard space in the front. Homeowners often plant the flowers and bushes for the dreamy, ‘fairy-tale’ like look of these stunning cottage. This really is among the shows of the house this is certainly cottage-style.

A bungalow residence takes pleasure inside their big porches or verandahs to give a dynamic appearance towards the facades meanwhile the Cottage domiciles make use of Bay house windows and protruded windows and doors generate a geniune appearance that is english.

The Bungalow and Cottage-style homes vary in size and percentage. It is impossible you wouldn’t easily manage to differentiate one – Cottage houses tend to be two-story, unlike the Bungalow homes which are low-height. Yes! Size is a key point that is differentiating.

Bungalow exterior paint

Bungalow exterior paint

Different Types of Bungalow Homes

Home exterior design

Home exterior design

You can easily likely spot these Bungalow houses effortlessly while you’re walking along the streets. More function that is essential the level of the houses that produces them quickly differentiable – small and another or one-and-a-half-story.

The overall expression that is architectural a low profile with a few prominent features. Let’s sneak a peek at these true domiciles for the better understanding.

1. Bungalow

Striking and the same as Craftsman home, their façade showcases stucco, timber, shingles, and sidings which are horizontal. Quite famous, you can easily spot various from kilometers away!

2. Craftsman Bungalow

Highly encouraged by the all-natural and austere products, you might find these in stained brown or dark-green to easily merge using the landscape that is neighborhood. Obtained large eaves that are overhanging street-facing gables that make them simpler to be identified.

3. Tudor Revival

Influenced because of the English style, these houses have steep roofs with large and magnificent chimney styles that make the feeling in the appearance this is certainly general. They also have tall and slim house windows with decorative woodwork this is certainly exposed the façade.

4. Modern Bungalow

Due to the fact name shows, these houses tend to be inspired because of the trend that is modernist a striking utilization of concrete, glass, and metal on the facades. Clean, streamlined outlines define the bungalows attributes with usually spacious, light, and airy interiors to note.

5. Prairie Design

Decorative and wall this is certainly contrasting set apart the Prairie design Bungalows. The Prairie develops this style class members who thought in huge piers to support the porch roofs with flat chimneys and casement windows to showcase.

Hopefully after scanning this article, it’s become easier for you to separate between the forms of Bungalow design houses. Let us know everything you consider these homely homes in the responses under!

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