Exterior Modern Bungalow Elevation 3D Design

bunglow design
exterior modern bungalow elevation

exterior modern bungalow elevation

Contemporary Bungalow Home Design

This bungalow that is beautiful design depicts modernity. This residence stands apart with an elegant screen of architectural artistry. This residence is definitely an show that is elegant of design as there is perfect sync of colour and texture. The designer has conveyed his design ability through a blend of grey and white colour. The facade this is certainly exterior forecasts and texture on it. Another beauty is the use of HPL panels and metal designed jallis.

The balcony can be an eyecatching element in this house or apartment with its stylish projection and use of metal railings and wooden texture panels this residence beautifully ties in the indian setting that is metropolitan. Another beauty of the home is its simple and compound that is gorgeous and gate design. Overall this Two storey modern-day bungalow house design offers much better structural performance, visual price, and appealing design that is rich.

Image of Bungalow front elevation photos

Image of Bungalow front elevation photos

Luxurious Contemporary Bungalow Exterior design

This bungalow this is certainly gorgeous can be an example of contemporary style design. This bungalow that is contemporary design in India spreads out on 2 amounts with large floor programs. This residence has sync that is perfect of combo. This residence sticks out with a mixture of white-brown and grey tones. The facade that is outside many forecasts. The slab forecasts over the balcony that also behave as a roofing includes a gorgeous wooden colour beneath this is certainly textured. The facade that is front a variety of colourful walls and projection.

This house has a automobile that is trendy having a large grooved wall surface with its background. A greenery filled balcony is visible in the front elevation it self. This balcony seems just gorgeous with a wooden textured roof and cup railing. Another function that is gorgeous of residence could be the house windows. Overall this contemporary bungalow house design offers much better structural performance, visual value, and attractive design this is certainly wealthy.

Bungalow front elevation photos2023

Bungalow front elevation photos2023

Elegant Contemporary Bungalow Facade Design

This bungalow that is beautiful comes under the contemporary style of design. This house that is modern-day spreads out on 2 amounts with spacious flooring plans. This home has actually perfect sync of brown and color that is white its exterior. The designer has attempted to contour the exterior in a simplistic fashion with grooved wall space on the ground flooring and easy white wall space in the first floor. The entrance foyer is beautifully made with vertical projections which provides a wonderful turn to the home this is certainly whole.

This duplex residence consists of a fashionable balcony as well as a really terrace this is certainly big. The style for the balcony is in a straightforward way meant to produce a experience that is cosmic. The parapet which will be in the forward facade has a projection associated with entry foyer that will help to make a flow that is smooth. Another beauty of this home is its projection this is certainly smooth and windows. Nonetheless, this stunning bungalow this is certainly contemporary design is artwork from experienced architects.

Image of Front elevation of bungalow2023

Image of Front elevation of bungalow2023

  • Brick house designs: approaches to use stone for wall exterior, house and height design

One thing that is recurring many architectural marvels on earth could be the use of bricks. An material that is oft-used household building, bricks, due to their rustic and rugged appeal, have actually traditionally been made use of to build grand frameworks of historic importance. Brick residence designs continue to be very popular in the modern world, also, in virtually any crowded street because they allow the home to stand besides the rest – a brick household features a different personality entirely and there’s no potential for anyone lacking it. Visually attractive and structurally robust, stone house designs continue to be tremendously preferred in India. As a property owner, by way of a head-start in the event that you fancy this kind of building and want to have one yourself, this brick household design guide will give you you.

Brick residence designs: What exactly is a brick house?

A brick home is really a structure that is built, either using two levels of brick or one layer of concrete mix and another layer of stone. Since a brick residence remains cool through the summertime and stores heat in winters, they have been traditionally quite popular in countries like India, with all weather conditions.

Image of g+1 bungalow elevation

Image of g+1 residency elevation

Advantages of brick domiciles 

  • Highly robust
  • Definitely durable
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Energy-efficient
  • Eco-friendly
  • Liquid and moisture-resistant
  • Fire-resistant
  • Weather-resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Adds value to the home
  • Visually appealing

Disadvantages of stone household design 

  • Costly
  • Restricted color options
  • Low selling worth
  • Not easy to remodel
Brick residence design ideas
Image of Small bungalow elevation images2023

Image of Small bungalow elevation images2023

Whenever paired with more elements which can be modern-day tiles, mirrors and material, subjected brick walls become the essence of modernity and tradition. Mix and match these concepts to produce a attraction this is certainly unique your brick residence.

While red, white, black and refined hues of basic colours continue to be a selection this is certainly common whitewash stone walls, you could also test out pop music tints, to help make your solid brick wall design interesting.

Opt for large house windows to accentuate brick home designs.


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