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house design stone front
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Stone for front of house pictures
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Stone front yard
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Modern house stone exterior designs
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Modern House Exterior in the Mountains / Metal and Stone


What is modern home exterior decoration? Is there any specific definition of a “stylish building”? The scope of design today is maximally expanded, the embodiment of the most non-standard projects is welcome. If you want to make a modern house exterior, we offer to add a maximum of creativity to the design of the building. This article shows the decoration of house facades with modern materials, photos demonstrate that it can be simple to make a building stylish.


A roof slanted on two sides – something that is gradually becoming a thing of the past, a flat surface looks more interesting. Exteriors of houses in a modern style are especially attractive when the shape of the building already makes it unlike others. Metal materials for exterior cladding are very popular now. Finishing house exteriors with modern materials not only looks great, but is also a durable and reliable option. In addition to everything else, the facade can be given many different shades, each of which is special.


Modern decoration of the exteriors of private houses may be different. How about stone becoming the main material? With this choice of cladding, you can make your cloister vaguely reminiscent of a castle. But a reference to ancient times is not at all necessary. The square-shaped structure, in which stone became the main material for exterior cladding, does not need modernization, because it looks more than modern. Spacious windows built deep into the walls give the building authenticity.


We are used to the fact that the house, garage and other attached facilities are located in a line. However, if the cottage is located in a place where there is a lot of free space, you can move away from this tradition and build everything in a circle, thus creating a cute courtyard. And so that the space between the structures does not seem empty, it’s worth installing some kind of atypical art work there, with which the style combines modern material for the exterior of the house.


If you want to make your home extraordinary, then you need to demonstrate this in every detail. Elegant dark material for the exterior is delightfully complemented by decorations in the same color. Choose a decor that will emphasize the elitism of the building, will be a continuation of its unique style. A modern house exterior can be made from almost any material, provided that the exterior is combined with the right decor.


Is the modern exterior of a one-story house made of stone? Then the fireplace must certainly be located in it. It is hardly possible to come up with a better option of spending time in the cold season than gatherings with the family by the fire. Each is covered with a warm plaid blanket, holds a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows in its hand and enjoys a view of the mountains. By the way, it is large windows with a minimum of partitions that are suitable for modern cottages.


And when it’s completely colder, it’s time to move inside. Do you have a modern exterior cladding? For the building to be modernized, it is not at all necessary to puzzle over the choice of materials for cladding from the inside, because you can use finishing materials for exterior walls. A spectacular stone building takes on a truly impressive look when you go into it and find that it was also made as natural as possible, complemented by comfortable upholstered furniture and various cute little things.


Modern exteriors of private houses, materials for which can be very different, is always a considerable share of creativity. Stone as a decoration material for the house from the inside creates a rather “cold” atmosphere in the room. You can fix this with good lighting. Moreover, the role is played not only by the brightness and shade of the light, but also by the shape, as well as the number of lamps. It is better if there are a lot of them and they are located throughout the room. In the image we see that the lighting devices are oval and their glasses are slightly darkened, due to which the light turns out to be soft and diffused.


Exteriors of houses in a modern style, photos of which you see here, create a first impression of the building. But you need to take care that the inside of the house looks decent. The elegance of the cottage is always manifested in a special way in the design of the bathroom. To make the house located among the mountains stylish, it is worth using stone to clad this room. Large glass on the floor allows you to bask in the hot foamy water and admire the steep landscape. In such a bath you can relax for hours.


The modern exterior of the house does not need to be supplemented with any plants, because the presence of mountains already makes the exterior flawless. On a land covered with rich green grass, the house in gray-black colors looks amazing. The structure of the building is remarkably adapted to the uneven surface of the earth. Despite all the elevations, the even geometric shapes of the walls look very natural and appropriate. It is important that all materials for the exterior of the house are well combined with each other, creating an idyll, as in the photo.


The modern exterior decoration of the house, the photo of which is presented here, looks stylish due to the mix of various cladding materials. Give up stereotypes, follow modernity, every time you choose decoration material for the exterior of the house. Classic cladding options are superbly complemented by large windows whose glass reflects the superiority of nature. To make a cottage stylish is simple, you need to combine incongruous, take risks, preferring an oblique roof with a flat, and perfectly smooth surfaces for the foundation – mountain slopes.


Whatever materials for decorating a private house you choose, make your monastery original. A modern home exterior is always a good idea. Let the country house become a place where you want to return, where you always want to spend the weekend.

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