Large Living Room Layout With TV Design Ideas

Living Room With TV
Large living room layout with TV design ideas

Large living room layout with TV design ideas


small modern tv room design ideas

small modern tv room design ideas

Whether you have just moved as a home that is new are rearranging your furniture, among the numerous concerns you might ask yourself is, “Where should we put my TV?” As televisions become bigger, wider, and even curvier than their technological ancestors, it’s become increasingly difficult to find the position that is perfect it.

But fret maybe not! We’ve compiled some considerations that will help you determine the placement that is best for man’s greatest innovation in your home.

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Where to Put a TV in the family area

modern living room ideas with tv

modern living room ideas with tv

Whenever deciding where to place a TV in the living space, the place that is rational across from a sofa. It is possible to make use of seats that are swivel each side associated with sofa if you would like to enable two arrangements – one for conversation, and another where everyone wants to see the television.

modern tv room ideas

modern tv room ideas

The TV is a spot that is focal much due to the fact fireplace or the picture screen is. Having two things can perhaps work just fine, because usually, just one point that is focal drawing the majority of the eye at any given time – the crackling fireplace, the wonderful outdoor view, or the big game on the TV. Since it’ll usually be excessive in the wall if you can, avoid putting the tv screen within the fireplace. Depending on the available room, you might be able to place it on a credenza kitty-corner from the fireplace. Below are some plain items to think about when placing a tv.

Things to consider when placing a tv

large tv room ideas

large tv room ideas

Below are three considerations when placing a TV:

  1. The Room

Take notice to the layout of your room. Which walls would be the windows and doors based in? Ideally, you will want to place your tv far from high-traffic areas and at an angle where sunlight from the windows won’t cause a glare in your screen. Feel free to experiment with placement before finding studs and holes which can be punching your wall.

  1. The Furniture

Would you want your television to be the point that is focal of room, or humbly honor it regarding the side? Just how you arrange your furniture makes it which means that your guests and family are encouraged to watch what is on the television by facing the chairs toward the display or to engage in conversation by facing the chairs toward each other with the television catty-corner to the settee.

  1. The Television

These days aren’t the size they accustomed be as formerly mentioned, TVs. With 3D-TVs entering a house towards you, you’ve got to make room for the next thing that is best. The size of your tv can greatly help you determine the most readily useful location whether it’s in the centre of a entertainment center or hanging above the roaring fireplace for it.

tv room design images

tv room design images

You might would also like to make certain that your television placement won’t affect your viewing. For example, LCD TVs can appear blurry at them, so be sure that you’ll completely watch TV at every angle (or at least out of each and every chair in the space) if you’ren’t looking straight.

How Big Should My TV Be? What exactly is the TV Viewing Distance that is best?

How large your TV ought to be and just how far it should be from the sofa are actually two edges associated with the coin that is same. These days is to err in the part of a bigger TV in general, the trend. Particularly with high definition technology, people seldom notice that the television is too large, but absolutely notice if the scale is too small.

That said, televisions do may be found in sizes that correspond to a television viewing distance that is reasonable

26″ screen = 3 to 5.5 foot

32″ display screen = 4 to 6.5 feet

37″ display = 4.5 to 7.5 feet

40″ screen = 5 to 8.5 legs

46″ display = 6 to 9.5 feet

52″ screen = 6.5 to 11 feet

58″ display screen = 7 to 12 feet

65″ screen = 8 to 13.5 foot

70″ screen = 9 to 15 feet

The diagonal period of the TV if it’s easier, just remember an over-all rule of thumb: advised distance for viewing is 2.5 times. The size of the television may be more appropriate with a high definition TVs, 1.5 times.

In your living room arrangement, how long will your sofa sit from the screen? You need to be told by that measurement what size TV would work best.

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Must I Mount My TV or place it on a Stand?

Gone are the times when a television that is giant in its very own furniture cabinet, or when the entertainment center dominated the space because the TV ended up being the size of a stove. Good riddance! Thanks to screens that are flat you’ll usually find area on a wall that is strong enough for TV wall mounting. Establishing it on a credenza or console is an choice that still guarantees both storage space and freedom, and offers an solution that is elegant hiding all those cords and wires. Contemporary credenzas have baskets, compartments, and shelving to greatly help camouflage components like your Firestick or BluRay player, plus games, movies, and remotes. Also you’ll still utilize a console underneath for a finished look if you decide that TV wall mounting is the way to go.

Top Ideas for Different Kinds of TV Stands

The next are several of the most common forms of stands (or activity facilities) it is possible to incorporate into the family living or room area:

television TV or stand console


Wall unit entertainment center

Media chests

You also can look to less conventional solutions, such as a storage door that is sliding unit or sleek console table under a wall surface mounted television.

Entertainment Center Types by Style

If you’re looking for a more modern tv stay, try to find furnishings with distinct, clear lines. Modern media consoles or wall device entertainment facilities are typically identified by metal or glass materials, and more activity that is old-fashioned are generally made of lumber.

Think about how the material and finish (troubled paint, etc.) fits together with your style choices before selecting a bit of furniture that is the focal point of your room.

A credenza would be a perfect alternative for those who do not wish to mount the television to the wall. Credenzas are smaller than entertainment walls and offer a a bit more flexibility in the positioning, but either could end up being the home that is new your television.

TV Wall Mounting – Where Is the Sweet Spot?

On the wall surface, the greatest height for a TV is actually the same – eye level for a person sitting on the couch whether you choose to set the TV for a console or install it. In general, that means the center for the TV ought to be about 42” above the flooring, regardless of the size of the TV.

Exactly how high to place a TV on the wall is a little different from bar height stools, or in a kitchen area where people are standing as you’re watching it if you should be mounting it, say, behind a bar where people will be viewing it. The goal is the viewer can relax without worrying all about neck stress.

Your Television, Your Property, Your Look

At Bassett Furniture, we wish to help you fall in love with your home. From furnishing to style ideas, our design consultants can create the oasis that is perfect any room of the house. For style ideas, check our spaces We Love out collection, or visit your nearest Bassett location to consult with a neighborhood design consultant today!

Wherever your final decision on how high to mount you are taken by way of a TV, request a Bassett Furniture catalog for beautiful design ideas for your living space.


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