Modern Luxury Hotel 6 Image Design Concept

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luxury hotel design concept

luxury hotel design concept


Image of Small hotel Architecture Design concept

Image of Small hotel Architecture Design concept

Most innovative hotels are far more than the sum of their parts – today’s guests want their resort to become a destination; an escape into another world of fine dining, wellness and adventure experiences, personalised service and great memories.

Small hotel Architecture Design concept

Small hotel Architecture Design concept

Because of this, hotels are producing exclusive hotel design concepts to appeal to these changing needs through innovative technology, green spaces, personalised activities and more, creating a fully rounded and guest experience that is powerful.

Image of Hotel design concept ideas

Image of Hotel design concept ideas


Listed below are some insights to the hotel design ideas that are latest and most revolutionary design concepts. Let’s just take a closer glance at how they are integrating design with guest experience in more and more techniques are interesting.


It is a time that is fantastic boutique hotels to embrace their character, quirks and eccentricities! Tourists aren’t looking for more of the same, they want adventure, newness and uniqueness – they want something to create house about actually. They need their vacation to be dissimilar to every person else’s, and this means something that is creating unique and compelling in your luxury hotel.

The goal is to produce memories that final a very long time whether it’s smart tech that no-one has ever seen before, running your resort completely off-grid by creating a completely self-sustaining environment, or integrating your unique and quirky history into your design.


Image of Hotel interior design concept

Image of Hotel interior design concept

Instagram is an device that is extremely effective building knowing of your luxury hotel’s design elements, maybe not just because its visual aspects suit the industry so well, but because people love using it to display their activities. Actively producing areas within your hotel that suit Instagram culture increases guest engagement and lead to promotion that is increased of hotel – for free.


Today’s guests want to feel like the version that is best of on their own when they’re on vacation – they want to feel pampered, healthy and re-energised. This trend is not only reflected in on-site spa facilities, but additionally in the blissful luxury and attention that is spa-like detail in personal bathrooms, the ability to access yoga, meditation and nature excursions on-site, while the incorporation of health options into food and drink menus.

Luxury college accommodation design now incorporates en-suite bathrooms as focal features rather than the functional and area that is essential was previously. New hotel design ideas are increasingly being incorporated, such as for example waterfall and steam showers, oversized bathtubs, luxurious towels and toiletries, and striking views which are private.


The hotel lobby was once a space that is single-use visitors arrived and checked in or out of the establishment. Innovative hotel design concepts have actually taken this space and made it functional in brand new and much more helpful means for the traveller that is modern. Mobile tech has allowed guests greater control of their stay, allowing them to check in, check out and change reservations from the comfort of their tablet or smartphone.

In reaction, lobbies have evolved into multi-use spaces for casual and formal conferences, for visitors to catch up on work or catch meals that is quick they wait for buddies or a consultation. This implies using some segmentation that is innovative creating formal and informal spaces that are zoned for various uses and separated by living walls, art or even multimedia stations.


hotel design ideas exterior

hotel design ideas exterior

Gone are the full days when every hotel room was homogenous, where you can be in Rome, London, Chicago or Nairobi and move into a space that was since familiar as it had been boring. Today, local experiences really are a trend that is huge influencing every aspect of a hotel’s design and services. This consists of utilizing art that is local materials and décor to make luxury rooms in hotels and spaces reflect local culture, neighborhood produce and cuisine regarding the menu, and sightseeing trips for regional events and points of interest.


In the past, people travelled for company or pleasure – but today, they travel for both. Business travelers want the option to getting to understand the area and sights within the towns and cities they visit, and need access that is easy activities that they’ll easily fit in around their company routine. Likewise, numerous individuals who travel for leisure still should be able in which to stay contact along with their company lives, and need reliable and access that is straightforward facilities that allow them to communicate, collaborate and fulfill their duties wherever they’re.


We live, work and travel in a world dominated by technology, so it makes sense to embrace this trend as perhaps one of the most influences that are powerful luxury resort design concepts today. Today’s boutique hotels are far more operationally integrated than ever before, using the charged power of apps to let visitors check in and out, make bookings for restaurants and activities, and communicate directly with staff. Tech additionally allows guests to personalize their room to their preferences that are own to lighting, atmosphere flow, heating and much more.


When today’s guests travel, they want to feel at house wherever they go. In numerous cases, guests also require the reassurance that they need (the shortage of which is a nightmare for any parents of young children!) which they has use of the practical amenities. This idea concentrates on creating an extravagance dream home; a fantasy space where you feel welcome and relaxed, and are able to enjoy all the upsides of a getaway while still having all the practical advantages of a home that is private.


We’ve known for a time that is long nature is good for the brain, body and soul, with countless studies showing the advantages of bringing nature into everyday house, workplace and hotel design. Biophilic design, the act of bringing nature into every day life through design, goes hand-in-hand using the wellness and living that is green, minimizing stress, helping people to relax and re-energise, and boosting efficiency and health.

Revolutionary hotel design concepts show how easy and beneficial it really is to create these elements into hotel design in hundreds of different ways, from blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces and maximizing lighting that is natural using raw natural materials, natural ventilation, natural building materials and gardening design to make resorts an integral part of nature.

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