modern 3d bedroom design images

bedroom design
3d bedroom design images

3d bedroom design images

hey welcome back to the tip of the day  so I’m going to show you my bedroom again and I’m gonna give you some quick decorating ideas on a budget that you can do to decorate your bedroom I am in

no way a decorator but I do have some tricks that I use to try to make the room look okay without spending a lot of money so here we go my first trick that I always do is try to stick with the 3 5 and 7 roll

Model Bedroom design

Model Bedroom design

and that’s everything from

placements of things to to paint colors

so in this room I said I have and

Simple bedroom Designs for Room

Simple bedroom Designs for Room

I always say black and white wouldn’t

choosing paint colors are neutral so

they don’t count so in this room I have

three colors I have the dark blue the

light baby blue and the green as an

accent color and so what I’m choosing

when they only have three colors I can’t

really go wrong when I’m out shopping I

sort of can stick within that palette

and it’s so soothing to have a minimal

color scheme like that and I love that

pop of green so how I introduced some of

the accent colors into the room really

inexpensively were first these lamps I

found them at a yard sale

there were dollar each they were so ugly

Simple bedroom Designs for small Rooms

Simple bedroom Designs for small Rooms

I’ll show you really zooming in here

they were brass and disgusting so we

took them apart and I just spray paint

at the bottom white and this part here

white and then this I spray-painted with

that apple green give it a couple coats

and then wet sanded wet sanding is using

them it’s like this black sandpaper it’s

very fine grit you soak it in water to

sand it and it takes out all the bubbles

from the sandpaper from this from the

spray paint I mean and it gives it like

this smooth look like you bought the

lamp like that so literally a dollar


it looks fantastic and I love that I

could customize the color with the

leftover spray paint I actually

spray-painted the mattes of these

picture frames I picked them really


Small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget

Small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget

Small bedroom design ideas

Small bedroom design ideas

and I loved that the mat was so huge

like the matting is so big on that but

it was like tie-dyed brown and like all

these horrible ugly colors and so I knew

I could spray paint it so I just took it

out laid it on the grass on a blanket

and spray-painted them and then it’s

another way of adding a punch of color

of course this old chair – that was so

disgusting was my grandma’s we recovered

it really really easily and really

inexpensively in the same green color

and I really like I’m not a big bed

maker I’m not a good at making a bed Oh

as you can tell but one of my tricks – I

do not spend time I throw the covers up

one of the tricks to making it look okay

is always using throw pillows because it

hides like my nasty pillowcases that are

in no way fancy or nice at all and I

like having a pop of color at the end of

the bed so instead of splurging on a

blanket which can be really expensive

for king-size bed this is just a scrap

of fabric that I got from fabric land

for like five dollars

I didn’t even hem it I just fold it it

serves no purpose other than to give a

pop of color at the end of the bed you

can see my kids have been climbing on my

bed all day it looks horrible I should

have fixed that before the video I

apologize for that we just roll with it

here anyway we went to Ikea this past

weekend and we actually got these new

end tables which I love are in tables

before we’re like filing cabinets that

we used forever because they worked but

I really liked these ones because

they’re sort of open and I’m like this

storage I’m like everything has to have

storage my husband’s like why don’t we

just have something that looks a little

more open so it’s not so there’s so much

furniture in here

so I totally went with that one and I

love it because there’s still storage in

here but anyways we also picked up this

so much it kind of like we this bed is

just a plain old mattress and box spring

that we had and we made this headboard

using plywood and covered it with quilt

batting and then covered it with a white

material we stapled it behind and then

we drilled holes in it to add buttons to

give it a custom look the button kit you

can get from any fabric store and we

used with the same fabric we used for

the curtains that I made and the pillows

and the same fabric that we covered for

just staple gun around bead like a cork

board anyway so it looked really nice

but I thought like the bed just sort of

floated and you did like a footboard so

this was a media center at IKEA it was

really inexpensive and it’s the perfect

size it’s six feet to have as a

footboard or like a bench at the end of

the bed and it has storage

I put magazines in those spots and then

we have like storage now it’s sick talk

you learn I love it and it’s part of the

hens collection so it matches our really

a min expensive dresser that we’ve had

for a really long time

another really inexpensive project that

I didn’t hear when we first moved in

because I had no money and we had

nothing for the walls are these bristol

board butterflies I just downloaded a

template from Google images of butterfly

templates and then I traced it onto the

bristol board and cut them out glued

them onto pushpins and then stuck them

in my wall in a random pattern and they

like that because you use pushpins or

kind of stuck out from the wall so it

gives it that nice shadowed wall

applique look and it was free

speaking of budget this was an old

fireplace that I found on Kijiji which

is a lot like Craigslist was really

beat-up and in pretty bad shape but a

couple quick coats of spray paint and it

looks awesome and it’s a great holder

for our TV it’s a little small for the

TV but that’s okay I have a fireplace in

my bedroom like I said it was really

really inexpensive but a quick coat of

white paint can fix anything I’ve

painted so much in this room the chair

the lamps the fireplace paint can fix

anything and it’s really inexpensive

another inexpensive thing I did in the

room recently was this I wanted a

full-length mirror but I could not find

a white one anywhere so then I found

this one at Target it was ten dollars

it’s one of those behind the mirror

behind the door mirrors but the problem

was it was just plain so also at Target

I saw these you’ve probably seen them a

lots of times you know these wall

applicate things you can get they’re

pretty cheap and they kind of stick on

they have these stickers on the bottom

on the back and you could put them like

in any way you want I just just put it

in this design but I think it gives the

mirror more like I don’t know a prettier

look I guess I don’t know what my

husband doesn’t like it

whatever I have a full-length mirror and

I think it looks kind of neat that it’s

a little bit different not just a plain

mirror and again that was like under $20

for that I always um loved to have fresh

flowers but they’re expensive so one a

fake flaw I’m not like a fake flower

person but a fake flower that looks kind

of real or always hydrangeas I think

that’s what these are called you know

those fake hydrangeas they’re the one

you can actually even get real dried

ones but they’re the one fake flower

that in my opinion looks real esque so

those aren’t real but I like having

flowers and I don’t want to have to

spend money for flowers all the time so

I have fake hydrangeas I know but anyway

so those are some ways and quick

decorating tips those are letters that I

just found at the dollar store and

spray-painted white we hung them on with

nails and then filled and painted again

so I mean the decor in this room was

really really inexpensive and it’s one

of my favorite rooms in the house hope

you had some tips that you could learn

to remember the three five seven rule I

forgot to tell you symmetry so important

I’ll show you really really quickly

symmetry is the trick every designers

trick while the designers who don’t know

how to design use symmetry and what that

means is if you have a table on one side

you want a table of equal height on the

other side lamp lamp centering it in the

room you can see my three my three five

seven will I keep three things on the

dresser three things on the dresser and

just sort of balance your all your focal

points so in your room your beds usually

your focal point so you want it in the

middle and then you want even things on

either side to create symmetry quick tip

you probably already know if you really

know how to decorate you don’t need to

use symmetry but I don’t so I do and it

looks okay so anyways those are some

decorating tips we’ll see you next time

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