Modern 900 sq ft 2Bhk House Plans

2 bhk house plan

900 sq ft household plans 2 bedroom

That is an East house plan that is facing. This plan has most of the facilities that a house should have, it is a ground floor plan that is 2BHK. In this plan, you are going to have the best of everything such as for example interior, wall color, and exterior, everything will look very good also.

modern 900 sq ft 2bhk house plans

modern 900 sq ft 2bhk house plans

You are getting 2 rooms in this homely house plan. A different room has been kept for worship and the most important thing is that in this household you are obtaining a boundary wall at a distance of 2.5 feet all around the house, which protects the house in this plan.

On entering through the gate that is main there comes a parking area whose dimensions are 14×13, here along side parking, gardening can be done because there is a great deal of area here.

30×30 house plan

After this, let’s go inside, finished . that is first comes when going in is the living room whose size is 15×11, in this space, you are able to keep your sofa set. There are two windows that are big this room. After this comes the worship room where God can be worshiped by maintaining him, how big this specific area is 4×3.

Then the pooja space comes the kitchen and dining, whoever size is 13×11, here you are getting the kitchen modular as well as on this, you can also keep carefully the table that is dining. There is certainly an attached clean area in the kitchen itself, where you can wash vegetables, pulses, etc. and the size with this certain area is 4×6. After this comes the washroom that is typical dimensions are 8×4.

After the kitchen, let’s proceed to the master suite, whose dimensions are 13×11, this room also has an attached bathroom and along with it, there is also a wardrobe that is wall-mounted. After this comes the bed room that is second whose size is 11×11, this room does not have an attached bathroom, but the wardrobe remains.


900 sq ft household plans

Welcome to our latest house that is available for a brand new 3 bedroom house lets just take a quick look at this property features starting with the home size this has been roomy floor area of 90 square meters and a generous great deal section of 90 square meters for the specific home features it has five bedrooms five bathrooms a two-car garage and elevated front porch area an open-concept living area a dining area a second-floor den and liveable space it master walk-in cabinet a private patio area a large landscape garden meets quarters and a laundry and drying area and all this in a secure and established community near Bhopal now let’s begin the 3rd. The facade of the home having its white and blue colors give it a very minimalist modern and solid feel and you also have a area of greenery here in front side which is roomy enough such if you walk up here there’s a provision here where we’re likely to put a gate and on this site, you have a roomy vehicle garage that one can put an automobile here you can write it up here as an additional parking space and.

What you see here you will find the last stages of construction this house just finished about one to fourteen days ago and these will be the last things that will probably be done in the next few days that which you see below are a few regarding the self storage units that we currently don’t have a gate as you have a provision to put a gate for not placed a gate since you already have a steel gate in terms of security causing the side of your home here we should we’ll explain to you later then heading on up you’ll realize that the ground level regarding the home is elevated from the main road by about three to four feet along with a good foyer space here which is spacious enough for a dining table and a couple of of chairs so this is often a great place to relax it’s almost exactly 12:00 noon right now so it’s quite cool here and really breezy and here we have your main entrance now welcome your beautiful home you’re welcome with a white hallway with a high roof and had been immediately offered access to your first bedroom let’s have a look as I discussed earlier the house just finished construction that’s why we still have some materials here which are gonna get cleared up within the next few days however you is able to see that it’s spacious enough to be always a visitor room a home business office a music room an entertainment room at them and you can easily have a big bed here plus it’s very well lit with three windows and being situated within the corner regarding the property and I said ah from here you’ve got a bathroom which can serve as your father but on top of that ability of your first-floor bedroom it already comes with a shower enclosure as well as a fantastic vanity mirror from the very first floor that is going to be now welcome you there main living space your primary living area is an open-plan concept area and as possible see upon entering the region there is a central space here which is actually a supporting volume for the property but you can also utilize this as a great display area for different family mementos and you see that you have lot of area right here for the large solicit and it flows very obviously to your dining space which is on this side associated with the ground floor that can be used outside your house as well as on this part you see.

The dining area is spacious enough to ensure you can do is you are able to start the sliding door on this side to enlarge your living space and you also can see that the garden area can be quite spacious such that it is possible to make this entire space from here up to here a lounge pool if you’d like after purchasing the home so imagine when you open up your dining space you have small lounge pool on this side so that’s a potential idea and in case you trim the bamboo plants you’re a bit this entire yard space will appear even larger so it’s a good barbecue area it’s a fantastic recreation space so there’s a lot you are able to do particularly if you have pets additionally in kids and on this area you’ve got access leading to the part of this house towards your solution space which we’ll explore later and now let’s head straight back in from your lanai patio and mint dining area we now welcome you to your main kitchen area your kitchen is generously spaced you have an area here where you can have a tiny island if you’d such as the way it’s structured is you have your stove over here and that is where you’ll have your range hood it currently possesses kitchen branded microwave oven and you have a great amount of pantry area which you can have a big table right here even for six or eight people and you can open these sliding doors leading away to a roomy patio in garden area the Garden Inn patio area is excellent for anybody wanting privacy and space for their family leisure area it’s quite rare for a block of a patio and garden to be this large for the lot cut such as this but the lot is quite spacious at 320 square meters along with plenty of space right here for family recreation one of many things.

800 sq ft house plans 2 bedroom kerala style

800 sq ft house plans 2 bedroom kerala style

900 feet that are square plan

And here are a few additional features additionally you have stainless metal take out drawers here where you can store dishes and you also have actually an excellent area here for utensils and here you have an access door leading to the side of your house requiring to eat address serve this area this is one regarding the nicest service areas that I’ve seen and that means you also have a good area here for drying clothing and where you can place your washing and automatic washer and you’ve got access here towards the rear of the house towards your garden you might also need a sink space here which is good as dirty kitchen space or over here you’ve got access leaving to your maid’s quarters because it already has a metal roof with an acrylic cover. So there’s a dead area on the right side and then there’s a complete room in the left from the service area let’s head back in here’s another perspective you are able to see that from your kitchen area you can appreciate how spacious and open your dining and living area is especially using the windows open it’s effectively very ventilated and incredibly breezy and from here let’s now go on up the second level where we have four spaces let’s do welcome to the next floor with this home where we’ve four rooms and a spacious family hall we did one of many things when you yourself have guests and function downstairs your family may be relaxing up here having a large salad set and you can have a large television set also on this area and it’s an excellent place for the family to assemble it and from here that I appreciated about this house is the in Tagalog its boo host Elega meaning the whole property really took amount of time in terms of just how it had been built from the foundations and the walls are really solid you can feel it even here there’s currently no glass railing this will be already a cement barrier for the staircase leading down stairs and your second flooring den area is already a living room in itself.

2 bhk plan in 800 sq ft pdf

2 bhk plan in 800 sq ft pdf

Let’s now take a good look at your master bed room. Your master suite and all sorts of the bedrooms in the 2nd degree have actually this really good engineered wood for its flooring the tone is actually hot and bright additionally plus it gives a extremely cozy and homey feel plus it’s a good complement towards the white walls it’s additionally spacious in a way that you probably experience wherein they’re very clingy and on this side you have your master restroom you curently have the dual vanity sink area a shower room and you even have nice indirect lighting for the mirrors also now let’s say home now this house really will pay a whole lot of attention to details one instance could be the master room has more than enough outlets throughout every part of the room and small details such as this door stopper preserves the wall whenever you’re opening it it’s right beside the master bedroom we have actually the third bedroom this really is ideal if you have a small kid or a family group member you need to be near you it also already comes with building ability therefore what’s nice is the cabinet was built to the space of the room therefore it’s not sticking out so that you have a nice space where you could put your bed plus it also comes with its own back that you might have a Ca king size bed here and even have enough space for additional storage space research area and even a sofa and here you have your master bathroom and walk-in cabinet so this area already has an abundance of space for storing so one of the nice features this can be a applets are easy to open their soft slide so they’re not like other cabinets.

From your master bedroom and third room we’re now going to have a look at the 4th and fifth rooms facing the west side of the home for an additional note you’ve got a display area here where you’ll have painting and you have got additional storage here and also you have nice linen closet space here and here you’ve got your fourth bedroom your fourth bedroom already has a big closet space it’s a large part room it’s very well lit it’s facing the leading of the home so you can see the street from here and on one more note this area of the town is excellent every one of the houses nearby are typical completely new as well as on this area additionally you get own restroom so yet again it comes with all the vanity mirror that’s like it let’s now head on over towards the fifth Drupal and that means you can observe that it’s very well lip and you have your 5th restroom on this part it isn’t in the fifth tomb because it’s designed to also serve as a guest restroom for your friends and relatives then and here let’s take a glance at your 5th through if you have a party here reaching the second level. Your fifth – is additionally in the part room and almost identical regarding size to the fourth room and they’re both facing leading of the house and the west side of the property it offers enough room for the large bed and also you have plenty of space for storing again with the softs line cabinetry and that ends our quick property trip video of this brand you discover room household in City Bhopal in the event that you want to understand more concerning this property and guide a property viewing follow on the description below if you want to know more concerning this property browse the next person for important reminders for home buyers.


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