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 Contemporary houses that are tangible


Home is symbolic of way of life, the character of its residents, as well the age for which it absolutely was built. For the very reasons which can be same individuals have started to simply take desire for consciously making alternatives about their particular modern-day homes, and their demands tend to be effortlessly fulfilled with the use of concrete like a building material. Concrete being truly a homogenous combination of heterogeneous products is capable of taking any style and shape through a performance this is certainly remarkable both compressive also tensile causes.

Let’s take a look at the flexibility this product provides in Modern Concrete houses.


1. Ha extended Villa | Modern tangible homes


This Villa, created by Architects, is a perfect illustration of the way the shade that is muted of uncovered concrete can be easily refreshed if you use trees being an element utilized for both aesthetics and improvement of this spaces within.


The huge rectangular spaces from the façade that is tangible of Long Villa, with woods growing out of them, give the residents a personal experience comparable to that of managing nature.


2. Casa Castaños, Argentina | Concrete Houses


This abode that is concrete designed by architects .Casa Castaños is found in a gated domestic community and it includes a two-story tangible framework that resembles a field sustained by stilts. Any designer would effortlessly put this home as a instance that is fine of Brutalist style of architecture, wherein the materials tend to be permitted to speak on their own.


3. Residence


Residence is really a real residence designed for a family group of three generations – the youngsters, their particular moms and dads, and their particular grand-parents. Based in Sector  of the this home is just a reimagination this is certainly remarkable of Corbusier’s way of designing.


Designed by architecture studio Charged Voids, this residence this is certainly tangible agent of exactly what the word ‘Modern’ meant to Corbusier along with the image of this town it self.


4. Home


This home is really a reflection of exactly how concrete came into existence the face area of Brutalist architecture across the world along with its strong horizontal and vertical lines. Concrete, being a product, renders a believe is rustic the leading façade and envelopes the volumes interlinked with each other.


This household ended up being created by Arch.Lab is definitely an amalgamation of have fun with airplanes in wood and amounts in cement. It is short for a method this is certainly minimalistic creating homes.

5. The Diary House, Vietnam | Modern tangible homes


This  home created by DA VÁNG studio is comprised of a long thin size this is certainly rectangular happens to be carved off to allow in light and atmosphere in various places within its roofing. The walls and flooring are designed out of concrete with tile and plaster finish correspondingly.


The concept would be to develop a a number of different areas resembling the different experiences of life grabbed into the pages of a journal.


6. Towers Path Home,


Concrete usually sparks a graphic of a lifeless grey stone carved into areas, but this project paints a photo this is certainly very different. This residence, designed by architecture studio Wood Marsh, hosts galleries featuring the art collection that is resident’s.


The Towers Road House, occur the suburbs , appears high and pleased with just how perhaps the most inanimate material will give rise to a picturesque abode featuring its curved wall space determining the ensemble of an natural inhabitation and green spaces to envelop it from all sides.


7. Casa Povo, Portugal | Concrete Homes


The Casa Povo is really a home this is certainly tangible in a angular kind empowered because of the caves present its Portuguese surrounding surroundings. This three-bedroom house had been designed to blend into the landscape this is certainly rugged is in the middle of with pine trees and sloping contours.


The task is definitely an image of serenity and comfort during and dawn utilizing the pigmented colors of sunshine playing off the subjected cement facades dusk.


8. Concrete House, Sussex


Designed by an company Raw Architecture Workshop for a family members this is certainly younger this Concrete House is a modest home with interiors exhibiting warmth when you look at the types of areas, the palette of furniture utilized, therefore the specks of vegetables occasionally. The website is lined with woods and also this creates a buffer that is all-natural the house plus the roads.


This monolith this is certainly contemporary of household seems like cubes and cuboids piled one after another by having a strip of liquid human anatomy extending from within to balance the built together with unbuilt.


9. VDC – Modular Housing, Portugal


These prefabricated tangible houses, designed by Architecture studio Summary, establish minimalism in concrete. VDC is comprised of six cabin that is independent tangible houses, staggered horizontally, checking up to a communal terrace also built out of concrete. It represents minimalism in material as well as design.


Minimalism as well as the notion of ‘less is more’ represent the modern form of designing on an amount this is certainly intercontinental this task symbolizes equivalent.


10. Shaded Rooftop home  | Modern concrete homes


BCHO Architects crafted this design remember a sheltered lifestyle this is certainly outdoor for the occupants to savor. The three storeys integrated concrete makes the structure look cumbersome, but this is cleverly balanced out because of the increased and perforated roofing this is certainly gable. And also this tends to make space for an room this is certainly outdoor is normally lit and equally protected.


The home sits in front of a hillside and stands apart from the backdrop this is certainly all-natural its stark white-colored facades.

11. House is modern-day houses which can be concrete


This residence designed by Architects functions as a homely household in addition to a workshop for a couple and their three kids. The site can be found over a hill overlooking the sea towards the south. It has an plan that is expandable can incorporate future requirements easily.


The structure lightly sits from the landscape as though this is a viewing deck for its residents. It lights up later in the day having a shine that is cozy reflects down its concrete areas.


12. CC Home


Contemporary houses in many cases are expected to expand beyond the imaginable. The CC home in Bolivia lives as much as this expectation. The house appears to float above its landscape along with its lengthy cuboidal volumes perpendicularly stacked one over another on sloping terrain.


The house is remarked for the exposed concrete structure which stretches beyond the internal spaces to operate as a weather shed along with extensive balconies and terraces.

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