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modern house stone exterior designs

modern house stone exterior designs

7 Great Options and Ideas for the rock and Brick outdoor

Have you ever driven with a house that is picturesque gorgeous stone or stone on its outside and thought: i might love for my home’s curb charm to look like this? Brick and stone tend to be gorgeous products which are exterior however in their particular standard forms, they can be time-consuming and high priced to set up.

The good thing is that technology and modern advancements are making stone and stone siding more straightforward to attain to enable you to bring your curb attract the amount this is certainly next. Therefore, whether your home is looking for a siding replacement or perhaps you desire to update simply your external, here are a few stone and stone siding options you should consider for your home.

  • All-natural, Reliable Rock

Solid, natural stone siding the most luxurious sidings in the marketplace. Rock features a great variety of styles and options, but all stone creates a beautiful and house outside this is certainly durable. It seems high priced and it is very durable. The only real dilemmas would be the heaviness of the rock this is certainly solid the manpower to put in it.

Unlike its alternatives, it can be used as a structural factor for your home, bearing body weight in the place of becoming placed on an framework that is current. Solid stone-still stays a siding option should you want to employ a mason to put in it.

Image of Modern stone houses Architecture

Image of Modern stone houses Architecture

Image of Modern stone houses Architecture

  • Natural Rock Veneer

For homeowners who want the appearance of a stone outside, all-natural rock veneer has turned into a choice this is certainly well-known. It is created from genuine rock, nevertheless the stone happens to be cut by makers into the width this is certainly same producing one flat side this is certainly easier to put in. It’s more lightweight than solid rock.

Stone veneer is installed inside a style that is similar stone. It’s adhered to an construction that is current such as for example tangible, employing a mortar this is certainly additionally made use of to fill in the spaces all over stone. This will probably be a time intensive process, but stone veneer is really a siding option that is breathtaking.

  • Manufactured Stone Siding

Many homeowners desire the look of stone but do not wish the heaviness or upkeep of stone. The clear answer that is well is produced stone. This siding is made of a lightweight concrete this is certainly created in plastic molds made making use of stone that is real. In this way, homeowners have the texture that is correct design of natural stone however in a material that needs less upkeep.

-Some of the benefits of manufactured stone veneer tend to be that it is:





-Versatile (There are many types which can be different choices.)

While a normal replacement this is certainly siding the Portland area recoups around a 76.7% profits on return, based on the Cost vs Value report of 2018, made stone veneer siding will recover about 97.1percent. That’s almost a 20% difference, which makes it a siding that is perfect for value and beauty. Manufactured stone may also nearly be tailor-made to your color pallet to fit the appearance of a house.

Image of Modern stone House Plans

Image of Modern stone House Plans

Image of Modern stone House Plans

  • Solid Brick

Like natural stone, true stone siding adds durability and unequaled beauty to your home’s exterior. Brick can be a more kind that is pricey of to set up because of the design that switches into laying and mortaring each brick piece. Nevertheless, brick is incredibly durable and its appearance is classic. It really makes the time and investment worth it.

  • Faux Polyurethane Veneers

Polyurethane siding is really a lightweight, foam-like product this is certainly set in casts that mimic the designs of real rock or brick. The result is siding this is certainly acutely lightweight brings the appearance and deluxe of rock and stone but has its own extended benefits. Polyurethane veneers are made in panels, making them affordable and simple to move in addition to an easy task to put in. With polyurethane sidings, you don’t have for the mason to put together the siding, which also makes it more affordable.

This as a type of siding provides better insulation than standard stone, stone, and even produced stone. It will help raise the R-value of your home while the energy-efficiency that is general. Along with this benefit, imitation veneer is also:

-Weather resistant

-Pest resistant


-Extremely durable


Faux stone veneer are changed to a variety of styles and colors to simply help match the look that is current of exterior.

Image of Modern brick house

Image of Modern brick house

Image of Modern brick house

  • Mix and Match

Selecting siding which will bring curb this is certainly beautiful is never limited to just one single design. Mixing and matching stone and stone is really a siding trend that is well-known. Because both kinds of siding tend to be durable, fire resistant, and stunning, they work well together in creating a exterior that is picturesque will last for years.

Opting for two or more forms of siding produces a recognized degree of aesthetic interest for your home. Do your research or seek the guidance of a siding this is certainly expert to gain ideas on brick and rock choices that work well together. Feel free to make use of these elements to produce a comparison in your siding. Your stone and brick do not need to match, but it’s a idea this is certainly great keep the colors cohesive.

Image of Modern limestone house

Image of Modern limestone house

Image of Modern limestone house

  • Accents

You don’t have to decorate the totality of brick or rock to your residence to take pleasure from the look. Deciding on accent areas is just a method in which is great add these elements to your home while integrating other styles of siding. In fact, making use of several types of siding can cause some of the most exteriors which are visually attractive.

In the event that you need to put in a pop music interesting to your home, great places to utilize stone or stone as accents are:

-Around the entryway

-On pillars

-The home top

-Steps or paths

-Bay windows

-Around storage doors

Get Luxurious Siding That Lasts
Modern limestone house

Modern limestone house

A rock that is breathtaking brick exterior is a simple choice away. No real matter what siding alternative you desire, our team enables transform your exterior. We could help prepare your outside design and attain a installation that is top-notch you can enjoy your home. Get the curb attraction you’ve always desired. E mail us to get an estimate in your siding needs today.


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