small bedroom ideas with dressing table

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small bedroom ideas with dressing table

small bedroom ideas with dressing table

There are numerous dressing table design ideas to suit your needs, choices, and style. A typical dressing table has a mirror and drawer for organizing your grooming essentials. They are available in a wide variety of designs and sizes. You can choose it according to the size of your room. Below are a few wooden dressing table design ideas that you can consider.


Having a mesmerising dressing table in your small bedroom can seem like an impossible idea. But itis not. Slender mirror above small cabinet with two-three drawers can change the outlook of your bedroom. It doesn’t take much space and serves your purpose as well. You can utilise the cabinet’s shelf for your most-used jewellery and make-up products. Furthermore, you can also make your dressing mirror appealing by installing LED lights in its frame. LED lights look attractive and help you with your make-up.

Image of Modern dressing table designs for small bedroom

Image of Modern dressing table designs for small bedroom


Installing a full-length mirror in your bedroom will offer you a spectrum of benefits, which are as follows:

  1. A full-ength mirror reflects more light
  2. Itmakes the room look bigger
  3. It renders personality to the room that even expensive decor items can’t
  4. You will be able to see your full outfit.

Now, let’s see how you can style a full-length mirror dressing table. It’s simple. All you have to do is bring a full-length mirror with a stunning frame and a slim dressing table. You can install a full-length mirror on the empty wall of your bedroom and place a cabinet, adjacent to it. The whole dressing table design would form an L-shape and looks quite extraordinary. You can try this one.


Placing a square shape wooden mirror above the white cabinet can be a good idea too. This stylish dressing table design idea can be an ideal choice for make-up lovers as it helps neatly organize their beauty essentials. You can also add a chair and fairy lights to complete the elegant look. If you don’t know how to attach fairy lights to your mirror, here’s what to do. You just need nails, thumb tacks, and clear wall hooks to hang the light.


The contemporary wooden dressing table design can have a mirror with a thin and glossy frame and a small-width table that you can use to keep your essentials. Additionally, the design is such that it makes your room look like a resort’s room. You can place a small sculptural and artistic chair in front of the table to complete the dressing table look. Apart from that, you can also add a small vase on the table to give aesthetic look to the entire set.

  1. Dressing Table With Vanity Mirror Lights
    Modern dressing table designs for small bedroom

    Modern dressing table designs for small bedroom

Sometimes your bedroom or dressing room doesn’t have enough light. To overcome this issue, you can decorate your dressing table with

vanity mirror lights. You can consider the following light options:

  1. a) Hollywood glam for luxe lighting
  2. b) Strip lights
  1. ¢) Fairy lights
  1. d) Retro lamp
  1. e) Plain vanity lights

A dressing table with lights tends to add glam and grandiosity to the bedroom and gives a classy vibe to the overall room. Make sure that the dressing table is big enough to accommodate all your grooming essentials.

    Image of Dressing table for small bedroom

    Image of Dressing table for small bedroom

Maybe your home doesn’t have enough space for a separate dressing room, and even your bedroom is compact. In that case, you don’t have to let disappointment clutch your heart. What you can do is extend your wardrobe and use it as a dressing table. Make sure that the extension is airy and open. On the extension, you can put a wooden mirror adorned with LED lights. With this modern table design, you don’t even need extra space and fancy decor items. This design serves as a perfect interior design element.

    Image of Space saving Dressing table with Storage

    Image of Space saving Dressing table with Storage

If you want to make your floor look more spacious and less tidy, you can consider a floating dressing table. Any corner of the room can be the best place for the floating dressing table. Besides, floating dressing tables makes it easy to clean the floor. Another positive thing about them is they are not very expensive.

    Image of Small Dressing Table with Mirror

    Image of Small Dressing Table with Mirror

If you have a small bedroom, you might be worried about lack of storage space for all your personal items. There is a solution to this

problem. You can install a vertical dressing unit in your bedroom. This dressing table design latest will make your room appear to have less clutter. The vertical dressing unit design has a full-length mirror and vertical floating cabinets. Give this design a try if you want to maximize the available space in your bedroom.

In conclusion

You can choose the dressing table according to your needs and the size of your bedroom. Woodsala recommend you choose floating or wardrobe extension stylish dressing table design as they are convenient and less expensive.

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