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Bungalow House Plans



Effortless living and comfort—two that is straightforward that are constantly in demand. Both would be the main options that come with our collection of historical bungalow floor plans!



Our bungalow home plans are created to be flexible for just about any dimensions good deal, especially in the middle of urban/downtown areas, and can effortlessly support future additions and major alterations in the case of a family this is certainly developing spending plan. Bungalow floor plans have observed need that is constant the years, and it is easy to understand the reason why. Boasting trademark pitched rooflines and roomy front porches, you will not be quick on space or even the power to truly personalize our selection to your bungalow household program of bungalow house designs.



Here at The House Designers, we are experts on bungalow house programs and similar styles being architectural. That’s why you can expect a multitude of outside bungalow types, sizes, and floor this is certainly unique to match your tastes and budget. Let our bungalow professionals handle any questions you’ve got on the way to locating the bungalow this is certainly perfect arrange for you!



Various kinds of Bungalow Home Design and Style



The bungalows tend to be small residential units with open flooring plans, large front porches, and a great amount of house windows. The modern bungalow home design was developed in Bengal throughout the period that is colonial. The word’ that is‘Bungalow produced by Bangla, a Hindustani term which means “belonging to Bengal.” The bungalows are generally little, more straightforward to preserve, and gives a level that is significant of towards inhabitants. They show up in varying designs and styles. Need to know more info on the bungalow household styles? Read this article and discover which type would best fit your option.


Bungalow House Design – Different Types


Bungalows are tiny cottage-type units which can be residential can be bought in differing designs and styles. According to their particular designs which can be unique architectural types, they truly are typically of 7 kinds.






Bungalow home design is really a one-story bungalow-style with a sloping roofing, a big porch, and an floor plan this is certainly available. It makes use of wood and stucco, and builders avoid using bricks to make this housing design.

Tudor-style bungalow residence design- This style blends medieval architecture with all the design of the standard bungalow this is certainly contemporary. It’s steep-pitched roofs, lengthy, thin house windows, and much more design this is certainly complex, like detailed doorways, fancy chimneys, wall surface claddings, etc.

Mission Bungalow House Design- it possesses a gabled-type, Spanish-style roofing. This has broad, overhanging eaves, subjected rafters, as well as a stucco this is certainly smooth plastic siding.





Bungalow House design is brick-built by having a storey that is one-and-a-half a cellar, with stairs leading up to the porch from the street degree. This design is rectangular and has a cellar this is certainly full size.

Prairie Bungalow House design- This has piers to aid the porch roofing, level chimneys, contrasting wall materials, etc. The inside usually bears roof beams and woodworks being horizontal.


Foursquare Bungalow home design- It shares similarities that are numerous the Prairie style. It has a modest and straightforward construction and is generally speaking one-and-a-half storey tall through a low-pitched roofing that is gable.


Craftsman bungalow – This style originated from colonial India. It is comprised of complex woodworks on the exterior and also the inside.

Presently, we discover that many of these styles were combined, and even modern-day architectural elements are added to house this is certainly bungalow. They are often called contemporary, fusion, etc.




Small Bungalow House Design



This bungalow home design can anywhere be replicated across the world. Special and simple, the utilizes that are bungalow and shutters together, making it ideal for every weather. The specs can make it energy-efficient in colder regions, whereas as well as shutters, the bungalow is perfect for hot and areas that are humid.



Having two rooms, two areas, one dining hall, two washrooms, as well as a shop, the house supplies the ideal living space for the household that is small. This bungalow design is surely likely to enchant you in the beginning sight with yards on either side and an increased entrance.



Built amid the greenery that is rich this simple bungalow home design supplies a perfect escape from the hustle-bustle of town life. Created from easy yet durable materials, having a roofing this is certainly sloping elevated entrance, this design are imitated anywhere across the country with minimal effort and cost.




Low-Cost Bungalow House Design



Created from wood having a roofing that is sloping this bungalow is not difficult to create and inexpensive. The bungalow is lightweight and will be constructed everywhere across Asia, especially in the hilly landscapes since lumber can be used for its building.


The employment of timber contributes to a decrease in building prices. Built with two rooms, two areas, one dining area, one kitchen area, and a washroom, this bungalow is perfect for sheltering a family that is small. Having a little terrace/balcony that is wood, its one of the most economical bungalow designs built anywhere across India.


This inexpensive bungalow is ideal for hot and humid areas and it is ideal for a household that is tiny. This bungalow residence design that is exterior minimal, which helps to reduce building expenses substantially. The materials which are raw tend to be low priced and available. The home is perfect for hot regions with wooden doors and windows. The purple and color that is white makes the house look quick however stunning.



Bungalow Home Design with Terrace



This design can everywhere be imitated across Asia. With stairs from the part, wood doors, and glass that is small, it really is well suited for hot and humid regions. Its light colour increases its glamour, and also the terrace this is certainly small front side is perfect for resting in warm weather.

This design is praised because of its special design. It may be replicated anywhere around the world. This bungalow works to accommodate a big family, if required through a long terrace and rich green gardens.


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