Today, such forms of engineering as interior, architectural design are as close as possible to specialists in this industry in order to be able to solve problems related to improving human life at a higher level.

The appearance of design in the first half of the 20th century was a consequence of the fact that architectural design was separated from the elements of the material environment in mass production. So, we can say that the mission that the modern architecture studios entrust themselves is “binding” the subject forms of the human environment into a harmonious living space.

Such a phenomenon as fashion is inextricably linked with human life. It is fashion that is based on various historical events and the views of society, which forms the style … clothing style, behavior style, music style and, of course, the style of interior and architectural design. Thanks to the rich history and experience inherited from our ancestors, famous interior designers today have the opportunity to offer their clients truly interesting style solutions that can fundamentally change the atmosphere of their houses.

Nowadays, a huge number of the most diverse and sometimes bizarre styles of interior design are known; classic, traditional, ethno, modern. Style decisions are not formed randomly, and ideas for implementation are not taken from anywhere. They are a reflection of the era, time, mood and spirit of society. Each style is characterized by distinctive features and details that are unique only for it. That is why copying and imitation of, for example medieval interiors, requires authenticity and attention to details. Deviation from the chosen subject … and the style will be lost.

Classic Style – In the 16th century during the Renaissance, in the interiors of the palaces appeared new, uncharacteristic of this time features of unjustified wealth and luxury, which significantly changed the visual features of the interiors. Magnificence and grace were indispensable attributes of the palace decoration, and they should have paid no less attention than comfort or safety. The modern “classic style” is designed, first of all, for calm and self-confident people who improve their own home not in accordance with fashion trends, but when they want it.

Traditional Style – In the interior is a kind of modern classic design, which differs only in the absence of strict formality in execution. The traditional style is more frivolous, light, softened, if you like … However, the presence of classic features in it is noticeable even to the naked eye.

Ethno Style – Is characterized by using, first of all, traditional elements and details inherent to one or another people. When deciding an ethno-style interior, it is important to remember that not only the color scheme is important, but also the presence of thematic furniture, accessories, and decor. Only when using a large possible number of elements in the ethno style, specific to a particular country, the interior will turn out the way you imagined it.

Modern Style – In the interior is a mixed concept, because today there is no any model of an ideal modern interior. As a rule, the design of the interior decoration depends on two main factors – the desire of the owner and his financial capabilities. And what will be the style, this is a secondary question. However, it is worth noting that today there are several of the most common directions in interior design, which, in fact, form a modern style.

High-Tech – This direction appeared in the 60s, during the period of significant achievements in the field of science and technology. The main characteristics of High-tech style are the clarity of lines, restraint, functionality and strict geometry. When creating a High-tech interior, you should stick to technicality and constructivism, because its basis is minimal décor and maximum usage of space.

Art Deco – This kind of design originated in Europe and was positioned as exclusively bourgeois, inaccessible to mere mortals. It embodied the diversity of traditional Egyptian, Greek, Chinese and Japanese art forms. Therefore, when decorating the interior, valuable species of wood, ivory, natural furs were often used.

Minimalism – The most popular trend in interior design today. Minimalism implies a conscious rejection of all unnecessary in favor of simplicity and functionality. The main feature of minimalism is the presence of free space, not burdened with furniture and other household items. And, most often, minimalism is not an interior style, but a person’s life style.

Of course, this is far from all types of modern interior style, since there are, indeed a lot. However, modern design ideas are the embodiment of the inner world of a person, his fantasies and desires, which are unlikely to be able to obey at least one of the styles that we have talked about.
There are more professional interior designers than exterior designers, and the building exterior design is no less important, especially if you open a cafe, a store or build your own private house. How to make a building spectacular and at the same time fit harmoniously into the surrounding space?

There are basic principles of exterior design that will help not to make mistakes.

  • From interior to exterior – yes, the interior is still the first – before starting to visualize the exterior, you need to understand how the building will be inside, determine the number, size and appointment of premises. If we are talking about a simple house architectural design, then you need to understand what kind of rooms you need and where they will be located. You should also decide the dominant style of the interior, which should overlap with the appearance of the building: it will be a little strange to enter a house that looks like a high-tech and get into a romantic shabby chic inside.
  • Colors – As in the interior, when decorating the facade of the house, no more than three colors can be used, while two of them will be basic and differ slightly, and the third can be contrasted and decorated with window frames, doors or other small elements.
  • Lighting – One of the most important points of architectural design is a proper lighting. At night you should be in comfort and light throughout the site, especially near the house. A luminaire is needed above the front door, for other doors, if any, along the entire length of the steps, as well as on the path leading to the house.
  • Decor – The general architectural design of the house depends on the personal taste preferences of the owner, however, there are several options that are popular today.

Architectural design is a science which is based on three components – strength, usefulness and beauty. Architectural design, as a part of the cultural system, is a project activity aimed at creating complexes and individual forms of spatial objects.
There are many great and famous architects in the world who have created magnificent buildings that we continue to admire till now. Plenty of medieval architectures as Airth Castle or Buckfast Abbey in UK, Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore in Italy, Warwick Castle in England and others still attract tourists from all over the world.

And then appeared Gothic, Baroque, Classicism … Each of these architectural design has its own magnificent buildings. In the Gothic style, the famous Notre Dame Cathedral was built. In the Baroque style – Milotice Castle in Czech Republic and Church of St. Susanna in Rome. In the style of classicism were built Petra Palace in Strelna and many other buildings.

Many different types of architecture are popular, and one of the most interesting types is colonial architecture. The term “colonial style” includes many completely different directions, which nevertheless have similar historical conditions of origin. How easy to guess that colonial style is a style which was formed during the colonization of one state by another. The process of colonization took place in our history more than once and led to a mixture of both cultural and architectural design. However, we got to the three largest areas: English, French and American. Of course, it cannot be said that the colonial style is a full-fledged architectural design trend – rather, it is a group of eclectic architecture, which is characterized by bright national features.

Despite the beauty and magic of the old architecture buildings, none of us can pass by the modern architecture without any feelings and emotions. Modern architecture can be interesting, beautiful, bewitching. Modern architectural design also has its own distinctive features. The creations of human hands and minds are sometimes comparable in beauty to natural landscapes. Architects began to realize more ambitious ideas that previously simply could not be realized. And if someone believes that architectural design is just an ability to paint beautiful pictures of buildings, is deeply mistaken.

And all the beauty of the modern architecture we can see due to the best architecture firms where the most creative, talented architects and architectural technologists are working. There are many factors that influence the firm’s ability to be more successful. They stand out for their uniqueness, level of creativity and the person who is at the helm. But most of all they are popular for being able to listen to their customers’ wishes and desires.

Except for the main architecture, the architecture interior design is not less important. It is not only a multifaceted concept, but also a complex one. To work in this direction, you need the ability to see the project holistically and combine the most diverse methods of transforming space, model in your imagination the final image and select the optimal means for the realization of your ideas.

Interior architecture is a combination of three separate disciplines: interior design, architecture, and industrial design. Only such an approach will provide you with the relevance and individual style of each interior project. Separately, interior design focuses on the choice of materials, finishes and furniture; architectural design on the construction of building forms and systems; and industrial design on the design of products. And together they form a single vision of space.

The most important that the interior designer needs is the space itself, and not stone, brick or concrete. The interior designer has the ability to see and shape the space, guided by a special instinct and deep understanding of the principles of shaping. The project of interior design is based on a single concept, an idea that defines the style of decoration, expressive means of decor, and the choice of building and decoration materials – all parts of the space system.
Today, architectural design is an integral part of the design of any object. We want the buildings in our cities to be not only strong, but also beautiful.
Interior designers are creative people. But for a holistic architecture of the interior, it is important to combine the décor tools and functionality, aesthetics and safety, to ensure the best use of all the technical features of the room and disclose them according to individual wishes.

Some compare architecture with music which literally froze in space. And some architects can make real works of ordinary stone.
There are so many architectural design services now, that sometimes people are being confused in the choice of the professionals, who to trust their houses. If you’re interested in it Design LAB International based out in India, will definitely help you with a big pleasure and love to decide the style of your new home. Just be sure that you are in trusted hands and you will get nothing except for a high-quality work.

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